Shomin no Aji – Chapter 59

Welcoming Oniisama home.


Today is the day Oniisama returns home.
His Highness the Crown Prince is coming together with him, so I’m a little… no, considerably dressed up. Okaasama… you are stretching it a bit… the corset is killing me… I’m still just a child, is it necessary to strangle me to death… without eradicating the slightly pale smile on my face, we wait for the long-awaited arrival.

By the way, because His Highness the Crown Prince is accompanying Oniisama, their carriage has been sending through the Warp circle as a matter of security. Normally, nobles would drop by luxurious inns on the way.

Because our house has a history of being married to a royal princess, we have inherited a blood of the royal family densely, so the trust the royal family puts into our house is also profound. We are nobles who are the closest to the royal family. Therefore, our house has been permitted to set up a Warp circle in an exclusive use room in a detached place to respond promptly in case of an emergency call from the royal palace.

It’s detached so enemies wouldn’t be easily able to go in and out in the case of an emergency.
Well, it looks that Otousama is slyly using the Warp circle to travel to the royal capital quite frequently, though. No wonder I found it weird that he was home when he should have been working… I have never been in the warp room after all… how nice.

Presently, we are waiting in a parlor away from the detached room.
However, they aren’t coming~…

「… Okaasama, I’m suffering… could I loosen (the corset) it for a moment?」
「Cristea, I’m sorry. It’s for the sake of your future」

Without relaxing her smiling face, Okaasama said almost as if she was a bird of prey staring down her game.

「Y, yes…」

You are scary… shiver.
Okaasama, that future has no appeal to me… marrying royalty, I can see only discomfort. Mainly in the food department… I have never heard of a Queen buying sweets on the streets… I wouldn’t be able to bear that. Even now I’m all discomforted!

The corset I have been wearing after a long time has made my consciousness hazy, I’m standing up with sheer willpower.
Once we welcome them, I will find a reason to withdraw and have Miria loosen the corset for me… I won’t be able to sit and enjoy tea like this.

「Excuse me. His Highness the Crown Prince and Norman-sama have arrived」

The door of the warp room opened and after the technician confirmed the safety, everyone starting with Otousama became tense. Now, finally.
Let’s finish the greetings quickly and loosen the corset…!
I straightened my back.
Ah, stand firm my legs! Endure, me!


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