Shomin no Aji – Chapter 6

It's our country's loss!!!!


Otousama restrained the boy who was looking at the crying me in panic. He listened to the circumstances and apologized again.

「Was that so… I’m truly sorry. However, not only the financial loss over the several days, why did you not mention anything about that? We could negotiate with the Trader’s Guild to compensate you as well」

That’s right, that’s right! Otousama is as rotting noble (No, he’s not rotting alright! He does his job properly, you know! Or at least I think he does) too, so he could press them from above, right? (Where did the earnestness go?!)

「I didn’t think of receiving that much from you. No matter whether it was a misunderstanding, I don’t think customers would visit a stall whose owner has been arrested by nobles. Moreover, I’m originally not from this country, so there’s no need to stay here anymore as I can live anywhere」

The boy answered clearly.

「Now that you mention it, you do have features of the eastern islanders」

Fumu, I stare at the unusual foreign features on the boy’s face.
Eastern Island…? He indeed has what would be called Asian features in my past life, but… is there a Japan-like country in this world?

「Yeah… my Tousan was an adventurer and I heard from Kaasan that he was from that place… However, Tousan has died from epidemic when I was little, so I don’t know much about him though…」
「I see… we inquired about something painful」
「However, if you don’t have a father, wouldn’t you be troubled about losing the job all the more?」

RIght! That’s right! What are we going to do! Because of me… no, because of Otousama running wild, it turned into something unthinkable! Awawa! If we don’t apologize properly the police… not, the guards will come! What are we going to do, Otousamaaa!!!

「No… Kaasan also passed away last year… earning enough for my own food is enough. The reason I started the stall was also because Kaasan would cook it for me so I wouldn’t forget the taste of Tousan’s birthplace… I will help at the shop of acquaintance for a while or something」

N? Nn? What, did you ju , st    s   a     y…?
Okpal… takoyaki is the taste of the boy’s father’s birthplace…? This is… the doubts of the Eastern Island being Japanese-like country have magnified! Didn’t they?!?

Perhaps… by any chance?? Are there perhaps other dishes than takoyaki similar to Japanese food? … Is that possible!? … Gulp…!
If that’s the case, I have to get the information out from the boy by any means…!!!!
The boy mustn’t return like this~!!

「Otousama! This is our responsibility so we should hire him into our house as a cook! It would be our country’s loss to lose an excellent cook like him!!!!」

After that, I started an unreasonable persuasion.


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