Shomin no Aji – Chapter 60

Welcome home, Oniisama.


「Father, Mother. I have returned」

Oniisama who approached to greet us noticed my presence and addressed me with a refreshing, smiling face.

「Hey, Cristea. It has been a while, hasn’t it?」
「Welcome home, Oniisama」

Ohh… it really was a while… Oniisama. It has been so long that you have completely changed… even though you still had a youthful innocent face when I saw you the last time, you now have mixed features of a young man and a boy. The unbalanced danger of a hunk.
… Yeah, he would still look good in female clothes… oopsy, not good, I shouldn’t have wild delusions about my family! I have Sei for that.
… Sei seems to deny it with all his might, though.

「You have become a wonderful lady in this short while」
「Oh my… Oniisama… Oniisama you look wonderful yourself」

Ufufu, I smile. Elder brother wasn’t originally so sweet towards me, but he became quite honey-mouthed in the city… Oniisama must have been washed with the capital’s water. Oniisama, you were unexpectedly enjoying yourself in the capital… haha, surely not.

「Oy, Norman. Is that the rumored little sister?」

I heard a rude voice from behind Oniisama. Muu! Who was it? Which fellow addresses people as「That」!?

「Ahh, I’m sorry about that, Your Highness. I was just so happy to see my family after so long」

Gege, to think it was His Highness!?

「That’s why I always tell you to visit your home」
「I have no idea where His Highness would go if I took my eyes off of you. 」
「Are you saying it’s my fault?」
「Fufu. But I’m grateful for His Highness’ consideration this time」
「Hmph. I have just came for the inspection, alright!」

Ohh… His Highness the Crown Prince is a tsundere, huh.

The vivid green eyes, blonde curly hair with a slight shade of red and the attitude of His Highness are all aloof. On the other hand, Oniisama has straight silver hair with icy blue eyes. He looks cold at first glance, but his soft smile would make noble ladies dress up just for him.
Yeah, I have BL delusions when the two line up… not good, not good… I was an otaku in my past life, so I unconsciously… tehe.
Eh? Me, I have fluffy pinkish hair (cherry blonde?) with sapphire blue eyes. My favorite colors!

「Your Highness, it’s an honor for our fief to receive you」

Otousama and Okaasama greeted His Highness.

「Ah, no need for the formalities. Think of me as a classmate who came to visit his best friend’s house. The inspection of the fief is just a pretext. However, I request you leave the scolding aside?」
「Oh my? If you are my son’s classmate, then you will be scolded together if you do mischief, you know?」

Hahaha… in this harmonious atmosphere, I was left alone… umm.

「Ah, Your Highness. My daughter Cristea. Cristea, say hello」

Otousama who noticed my state introduced me to His Highness. Surprisingly, you can read the mood, Otousama.

「How do you do, Your Highness. I’m the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed, Cristea」

I introduce myself with a smile and a curtsey just like Okaasama intensively taught me.
I think I would give myself a high score, but… according to Okaasama’s evaluation, my intensive training days will continue for a while.
And the corset is killing me… I want to get comfortable quickly~!

「Ah, you are that rumored repulsive food eating lady, huh」

… Ha? What did you just say?


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