Shomin no Aji – Chapter 62

Is it already a form of a beauty, I wonder?


「Uwa…! What is this thing, it’s tremendously delicious…! I have never eaten such tasty pastry before…」

I asked Miria to loosen the corset to a bearable extent in my room and came over to the living room where Oniisama and the rest were. Haa… I can finally breathe…

His Highness the Crown Prince started eating the Mille Crepe that was served with tea. Of course, it is delicious. I have carefully baked the crepe after all! Ku… I really did my best to make the Mille Crepe…

「… It truly is. The sweetness is just right, and when it comes to the beauty of these layers, I can only sum it up as wonderful… Did Cristea make this too?」

Oniisama enjoyed the Mille Crepe with a blossoming-like smile. Un, I’m glad I made it after all.

「Yes. I’m glad you seem to be enjoying it」

I replied with a smile and took a seat to eat the Mille Crepe as well.

… I feel eyes on me. When I looked towards the gaze I felt when I picked up a fork, His Highness was staring at my Mille Crepe. His own… he already ate it. How quick. I have cut His Highness’, Oniisama’s, and Otousama’s portions in the larger ones just in case, but…

「Do you still have some of this?」

Seconds, huh? There’s no more, you know… this development seems like a deja vu, though.

「Unfortunately, there’s nothing left. It takes time and lots of effort to make this, so…」

I’m truly sorry, when I apologetically replied and was about to start eating, I couldn’t because of the extreme stare… Can’t be helped.

「… If you are all right with it, would you like to eat my share?」
「Is that alright?」

It’s fine, really… I wouldn’t want to be cursed while eating. I will just have dorayaki later…

「Your Highness. There’s no way I can have His Highness eat my little sister’s leftovers. I will eat it」

N? O, Oniisama…? I haven’t eaten a single mouthful, though?? I don’t lack common sense that much that I would let the royalty finish my leftovers, you know?

「No, I haven’t touche-…」
「That’s right, Your Highness. Eating my daughter’s leftovers is out of question. This is something that I, as her father, should be responsible for」

Even Otousama… no, like I said, I haven’t even touched it yet…

「No, Father, I should-」
「No, wait Norman, I will-」
「Wait a moment. I should be the one to…!」

The three started quarreling about who should eat my portion. Is this supposed to be a comedy sketch?
… Uwaa… how bothersome…

「Otousama, Oniisama. I have not touched it yet, so… I will make dorayaki for Otousama and Oniisama later」
「… Mu, I, is that so… in that case, let’s give it to His Highness」
「… If Cristea says so」

When I thought good grief… when the two pulled back, His Highness the Crown Prince tilted his head in puzzlement.

「Dora…? What? Is that food? How about my portion?」

Is this a line you should say after securing the Mille Crepe!

「… It’s not something I could present in front of His Highness. Besides, you won’t be able to eat the dinner if you overeat」
「Mu… I see」

… What to say, it’s like there are three big children… so exhausting.


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