Shomin no Aji – Chapter 64

There we go, it's the HO.SPI.TA.LI.TY time!


Now then, it’s time to actually taste the dish.
I will T.R.E.A.T His Highness to this fascinating curry!

「What kind of food is the new dish?」

… Full of expectations! Is His Highness’ current state. Oh my~? Your eyes are sparkling, aren’t they~? You mustn’t have expectations for the cooking of the repulsive food eating lady, you know~?
Ufufu… I do properly hold a grudge against you, okay~?

「This time’s new dish is called… curry」

Dodon! I retrieve the pot and ohitsu from my inventory. The spicy fragrance immediately spreads through the dining room.
Everyone opens their eyes wide and gulp as if receiving impact from the fragrance.

「W, what is this? This stimulating fragrance…!」
「What an amazing aroma… but… I can feel my appetite increasing just by smelling it…」
「You can leave the explanation for later! Just let me eat it already!」

Ohh… as expected, the reaction from the fragrance is amazing.

「Certainly. I prepared two kinds of curry this time. The first one is standard. The other one is so to speak, an advanced level. Which one would you like?」
「I will take the advanced level one! Because that one sounds tastier!」
「… I will go with the standard one. It will be my first time eating it after all」
「I will also go with the standard」
「Standard for me as well」

Ohh, our entire Ellisfeed family is a cautious one, isn’t it? But, I have no doubts that Otousama will ask for seconds of the advanced level one later. He won’t make a blunder here, would he?

「All right. I will go for the advanced level one with His Highness」

Saying such, I served the table according to everyone’s request.
This time’s curry is with a salad. Finally, I prepared ice cream for the dessert.

「Everyone, thank you for waiting. Please, eat up」

With the serving done, it’s time to eat!

「This is… the usual rice and… is the thing on top the new dish…? … The fragrance is wonderful, but its appearances are a bit…」

… Don’t say it. Don’t say any more than that~!
You have no delicacy! Mou!

「… It’s such a dish. If you don’t like it, I can prepare something different for you」

I will eat it though, alright!
It’s the long-awaited Curry-chan after all!

I scoop rice with curry and carry it to my mouth. The spicy fragrance and stimulating hot taste instantly explode in my mouth. This is it! Nothing can compare to this hot taste~!

Seeing me start eating so deliciously, everyone overcome their hesitation and picked up their spoons.

「… !? What an incredible… it’s spicy but fragrant… I want to eat more!」
「This is… delicious. The spiciness and fragrance are stimulating my appetite…!」
「It’s spicy but delicious… what a complex aroma…!」

Yes, yes, it’s popular with each Ellisfeed, isn’t it! Okaasama is eating while whispering「Ah, what to do, because of the sweat my make-up is…」in a low voice and wiping off her sweat with a handkerchief. The spiciness will increase the metabolism, so you can improve the condition of your skin with a detox effect, you know~? I will have to tell her later.

Now then, how about His Highness…?


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