Shomin no Aji – Chapter 69

How should I explain it to Oniisama?


The reason behind Otousama’s prohibition… huh.

「… Because I have quickly learned the inventory, he might have thought it would be the same with warp magic…」
「Invetory? How long did it take you to learn? A month? … No, half a month?」
「… About an hour」
「One hour…」
「… Tea? Are you serious?」

I’m lying. I included Teacher Marlen’s long lecture. Actually, it did not take me several minutes. I can’t say that, though.

「… I see」

Ah, he’s conflicted somehow? That’s right, that’s a bit weird, isn’t it? I had a vague feeling, but I’m sorry for being a cheating little sister!!

「Then, feeling uneasy that you might learn the warp magic quickly as well, it isn’t strange that Father forbid it」

Haa… Oniisama let out a sigh. Ugh, is he shocked?

「… However, if Teacher Marlen didn’t teach you, just how did you learn the warp magic?」

It came~! The question I didn’t wish for the most!
I didn’t want you to notice that!

What to do… this is bad! What do I say to make him consent, “I learned it from the sacred beast Byakko-sama in exchange for letting him eat!” It’s not like he would believe the truth. I have to keep Sei and the sacred beasts secret, but I can’t explain without talking about them… uwaa, what do I do…

「… Tea!?」

Oniisama looked at me with a startle.
Ah, not good. Tears have… because of still being a child, I can’t control my tear glands when worked up.

… Can’t this be just settled with tears…?

「… I can’t talk about it yet… but, I will definitely explain. Therefore…」

Therefore, please get persuaded? Okay? I “request” with teary puppy eyes.

「… ! … I got it, Tea. I won’t ask for now. I won’t tell Father either」

Oniisama covered his eyes while sighing Haaa~
Yay! I managed to deceive him!

「… I bet it’s related to someone at the place you warped to, though」

He muttered such while covering his face.
Gu! So sharp.

「I would be happy if you explained during my stay. If not, I might end up consulting with Father out of worry」

Oniisama raised his face and smiled.

Guwa! He nailed it! Meaning that he won’t be staying deceived, huh… I have to quickly consult with Sei.

「Now, go to bed. Sorry to keep you up this late. Good night, Tea」

Kissing me on the forehead, Oniisama went to the door. S, so handsome…

「Good night, Oniisama」

「Ah, right. Tea, you mustn’t show such adorable actions in front of men, okay? … Especially in front of His Highness」
「? … Yes…?」

I tilt my head.

「… That too, Tea」

Haa… Oniisama opened the door while sighing.

「Then, see you tomorrow. Good night, sweet dreams」

… As I thought, is persuading by tears too sly, I would be able to deceive only Otousama and Oniisama? Did he mean that? … Hmm, I need more practice…
Let’s take instructions from the highly feminine Sei next time…


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