Shomin no Aji – Chapter 70

I want to eat the breakfast slowly.


Good morning.
It’s Cristea.

I was troubled about what to do for breakfast, but Otousama wanted miso soup, nukadzuke, tamagoyaki, etc… the usual Japanese course, with sandwiches. I also made corn soup by straining the freshly harvested corn.

I decided to make a fluffy bread using the natural yeast I made just recently.
I made the sandwich with leaf vegetables, tomatoes, and thinly sliced ham, mashed boiled eggs, mustard mayonnaise and pseudo-chicken in teriyaki…
… Haa… I want sea chicken
In my past life, I ate it only occasionally, but I yearn for the sea chicken mayo now that I can’t eat it… I want to eat it with onigiri too. Sea chicken is, in short, tuna confit, right? … Let’s look for tuna-ish fish.

「Hey, Ojou. That dish from yesterday. It was really good!」

Oopsy, I was absentminded.
It’s rare for Shin to praise me without holding back.

「But you know… even the chefs were able to eat only a mouthful at most, so the chefs and other servants are really dissatisfied…」

Ahh… was their appetite stimulated so much just because I didn’t cast Cleaning magic? I’m really sorry about that…

「That dish is called curry. I will mix the spices again, so you can make it later. You remember how it is done from watching, right?」
「I remember, but… I heard it’s never supposed to leave the premises? Is it fine for me to make it?」
「The secret is the mix of spices and the quantities. Besides that, the recipe wasn’t anything secret-ish, right?」
「Ah, I see… alright, I will leave the mixing of spices to you then」
「Leave it to me」

It would be fine to teach Shin the combination of the spices in the future.
They would be too lonely without curry while I’m at the academy… rather, I feel like there would be a revolt after seeing that scene.
… Is it just my imagination that there would be many injured people around…

Finishing the preparations for breakfast, I changed my clothes after returning to my room and went to take a seat at the breakfast.
Umu, as expected, I’m indeed tired from making the breakfast every morning… let’s settle with French toast tomorrow… it’s not for me to snatch everyone’s work too.

「What is this? It’s a… bread, right? How come it is so soft!?」
「I developed it recently」

He wouldn’t understand if I told him it is natural yeast.

「Also this… with the eggs mixed in, it’s mayonnaise, isn’t it? It’s a bit spicy, but… it’s good」
「It’s mustard mayonnaise. It’s mixed with mustard」

I actually prefer whole grain mustard though.

「The ham and vegetables are also tasty… I’m poor with raw tomatoes though…」
「They are freshly picked from our vegetable garden」

It’s a sweet, odorless tomato that has been raised with the utmost care.

「… ! This! This meat! What is it? It’s salty and sweet, delicious!」
「It’s teriyaki. It’s made with a specially made sauce」

Ah, I used soy sauce and stuff… oh well.

It has gotten to the degree that it’s already difficult to cook without Yahatul ingredients in our house… let’s present them little by little.

「This soup is also sweet and delicious!」
「It’s a soup made from freshly picked corn that is sweet even when eaten raw」

I was really happy when I found sweet corn…

… Rather, won’t you let me eat the breakfast slowly, Your Highness!?
I wasn’t able to eat since a while ago because of your constant questions.

If I knew this would happen then I would hold back a little…


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