Shomin no Aji – Chapter 71

Reporting is important.


… Ha~… what do I dooo…?
Because I have been caught by Oniisama when warping, I’m unable to warp to Sei for a consult, so I’m troubled over what to do.

Now that the breakfast is finished, I’m drinking tea with Oniisama and His Highness for some reason. I took out cookies because I was demanded to.

「Oh, this is also tasty!」

I’m glad to hear that… rather, he really eats anything, doesn’t he… this prince. He hasn’t tested for poison even once. Is it really fine? To have such heir with no wariness… besides, won’t you grow horizontally if you eat that much?

… Not good, not good, back to the topic.
A way to contact Sei…
Ah… that’s it, a letter! I should just warp a letter!
Thinking about it carefully, I can deliver a letter in the same place using the warp magic circle.

Hmm… would it be fine to send towards Sei’s presence? But, if he was outside, it would be bad if other people saw it.
In that case, how about Sei’s table… or something like that?
… No, I’m not so precise to pinpoint the location without the person himself… I’m self-aware of my magic’s roughness. I see, that’s why using warp magic circle is the most popular… I can see it now.

… It might be more reliable to let Shin hand over the letter at Bastea Company while he’s shopping for ingredients.
Ugh… my treasured magic is unusable…

Haa… it would be nice if I had telepathy or something… n? Telepathy? … Would it perhaps connect with Byakko-sama?

『Byakko-sama? Can you hear me~??』

Just kidding.

『What? What’s the matter?』
「Cristea? What happened?」
「Ah… no, it’s nothing, Oniisama」
「You, maybe you have a fever? You have been making different faces since a while ago」

Shut up! That was unnecessary!
But, this is just right.

「It seems that my condition is not well because I woke up earlier than usual to prepare the breakfast… I will rest in my room for a bit until the lunch」

Oniisama was worried, but I told him that I will be fine after resting for a bit and returned to my room.

Wah~… that startled me~!
Eh? That just now… did my telepathy connect with Byakko-sama??

『Oy, what’s the matter? Are you going to let me eat? Are you bringing something for me to eat?』

Ah… yeah, it’s Byakko-sama without a doubt.
The voice I was hoping for… I’m wavering~

『No, err… I’m sorry. I didn’t think our telepathy would really connect. I tested by calling you, but…』
『You… don’t make me so expectant』

What a disheartened voice. Ohh… he was waiting expectantly for my food, huh. Hmm, there’s a mountain of things I want to bring over there, but…

『I’m sorry. Actually…』

I consulted about last night’s happenings with Byakko-sama.


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