Shomin no Aji – Chapter 76

【Crown Prince POV】Was this encounter inevitable? 1


I’m the Crown Prince of the Doristan Kingdom, Raymond Arthur Doristan. Thirteen years old.
Currently, I’m studying in the magic academy which is close to the royal palace, but I have been living in the dormitory since I was ten years old. Because I have been living in the royal palace until then, the dormitory life was full of continuous fresh surprises.

The policy of the academy is to not distinguish whether you are royalty or a commoner, or how much magical power you possess. However, it would still become troublesome matter if you put royalty or nobility together in the same room as commoners, so the residence space is divided to a certain extent.
As for me, I, naturally, have a royal family exclusive room. However, my life is not the same as in the royal palace. I must do as much work by myself as possible.

I had a difficult time starting the dormitory life because I couldn’t bring the butlers and maids with me and had to do many things myself.
As expected, there are people to make my bed and do laundry so it doesn’t need to be done by me, but there are many things I had to do by myself… for example, I have to get up and change my clothes by myself. I have accepted help from many people and understand very well that I’m being helped through my dormitory life.
I have fully realized that I’m a child who can’t do anything alone. Just by knowing that, I understand that the dormitory life will have big merits for me.

So I could become a King appreciated by the citizens.

It’s something my Father the King has said.
I have no doubts that Father also fully realized that when he was in the academy.

In order to support such me who can’t do anything alone, the eldest son of the Ellisfeed House, Norman, has been introduced to me before the enrollment.
He had such well-ordered looks when he was introduced to me for the first time, I mistook him for a lady. Even though he was properly dressed as a man, I thought he was a girl dressed as a man in order to stay by my side.
I have fallen in love at first sight for his fleeting appearances, thinking: “I have to protect her!” but Norman can do much more than me and he’s strong…

When practicing sportsmanship with Norman, he was the one who beat me.
… Normally, people would let me, the Crown Prince, win, but he wasn’t like that. I was shocked by this fellow who didn’t try to butter up to me first time in my life, but I liked it. Later while having a discussion, I learned that he worked hard precisely because there were many people who made light of his girly face. Because I like strong people and those who put effort to be strong, I liked him more and more.


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