Shomin no Aji – Chapter 77

【Crown Prince POV】Was this encounter inevitable? 2


My love at first sight was over in a blink of an eye. When I was invited to a bath after a sweaty swordsmanship practice session, having a lewd childish mind, I agreed. Then, at that time, I found the same thing I have attached to Norman, I was very shocked… that moment, my love was over.
It was me who didn’t notice Norman was a man until then, though.
Norman guessed the reason behind my shock, but the hot bath instantly turned cold… no, I can confidently say it turned into an ice bath.

Since then, I was no match for Norman in any way. Of course, he is respectful to me, who is the Crown Prince, but… how to say it, I’m no match for him when it counts…

Norman handles many things flawlessly. I know he’s a hard worker from watching, but I make sure not to bring it up. I also have to work hard not to lose. So I won’t be considered a pathetic King in the future.

Such Norman has a sister that is four years younger. I have not met her yet, but I heard many rumors about her. She’s being doted on by Duke Ellisfeed, that is an old rumor, but there has been a rumor recently about her having a wonderful creative power at such young age, inventing patents and recipes at a rate it makes the adults embarrassed… the rumors are generally like that. In fact, I have eaten several of those dishes and they were all superb.
On the other hand, the duke seems to be worried as she suddenly started eating strange things. I overheard a chat of a few noble ladies, they were saying「There’s a rumor that Duke Ellisfeed’s beloved daughter is a repulsive food eating lady that indulges in horse feed!」.
Norman’s warm smile didn’t change when he heard of that rumor, but the surrounding air felt chilly, it felt so cold that I thought I was about to catch a cold even though I was sitting by a fireplace.
… You must not anger Norman. This fellow has a considerable sister complex.

The next week, I heard that several ladies who were spreading the rumors withdrew from the territory with their parents… it would seem that not making a siscon and a doting parent your enemy would be for the best.

After that, I couldn’t help but be interested what kind of person the lady Norman and Duke dote on so much is.
When I asked Norman what kind of girl she was,「She’s not someone Prince Ray should be concerned about」he refused to talk about her with a smile. But even so,「To me, she’s my adorable and cute little sister」is what he said.
Therefore, keep your hands to yourself, okay? He implied.
Normally, a girl’s relatives would be taking the chance to promote her to be the crown princess candidate though…

I told the duke「I would like to meet that prided daughter of yours」when I bumped into him in the royal palace, but he also evasively avoided me… like father like son?

… I can’t help but be more and more curious.


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