Shomin no Aji – Chapter 8

And then, and then


「Hey, Shin. I want to eat Ulon tonight」
「Rejected. Unfortunately, tonight’s menu has been already decided」

Shin promptly denied my sweet request with a tilted head and a cheerful smile without a glance and continued preparing vegetables.

「Eh~! Isn’t it fine~! I want to eat Ulon meal~! Ulon~!」

I throw an unreasonable tantrum like a child while hitting the table. (Ah, I was a child…)

「You are revealing your true colors, Ojousama」
「Oh dear, ohohoho…」
「Anyhow, rejected」
「Uu… Shin is a bully~!」
「Yes, yes」

It has been a year since then. Shin has completely become used to being our house’s cook.
Shin’s unusual foreign cuisine has been added to the Ellisfeed House’s luxurious food and thanks to the head chef who got influenced by it, the variation of our eating habits have become abundant. Thank goodness.

As you can see from our previous exchange, I have already gotten exposed in front of Shin.
I did my best to act like a noble lady in front of Shin at first, but I let my guard in front of a delicious meal as I started rolling around after the meal as a kitty cat… un. I did get exposed, didn’t I? Tehe.

Shin was also doing his best not to disrespect his employer and a young noble lady… he was apparently really nervous, but he got shocked by my conduct and became sloppy towards me. Yes, very sloppy.
Well, I don’t mind it though! Rather, I didn’t want to keep acting!
However… this refusal… where did my cook with commoner’s taste plan go?? Gununu.

Although I said that, I was told by Miria not to lose my focus even in front of Shin… that’s why I try to act as Ojousama in front of Shin too. More or less… un, more or less. It mostly ends just in my mind though.

Hmm… the I before I recalled my past life was a bit more… like… ladylike, quiet, the mood was… like that, but… it somehow feels like a distant past… ah… un, it would be better not to dwell on the past, right? (looking into distance)

The surroundings were startled by my change since that ruckus, but they have gotten used to it by now, and they are watching me and Shin’s exchange with warmth.
N, no… don’t look at me with such eyes… (trembles)

For Ojousama to enter the kitchen… they tried to stop me at first, but because I was helpful in creating the new menu, I have a free pass as an adviser now. Fufufu.

Of course, I have already presented light novel standard? things like pudding and mayonnaise. It was praised.
Because it was jointly patented in the Merchant’s Guild by me (originator) and Shin (development cooperator), we became quite rich. Fufufu…

By the way, by Ulon I don’t mean tea (Oolong), but udon. It’s easily eaten with a fork, but it’s slightly thinner than in my past life.

Okpal is nice, Ulon is nice, but it’s all flour menu, so I’m wondering whether there is no rice in this world after all… haa. I have no choice but to investigate.


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