Shomin no Aji – Chapter 80

【Crown Prince POV】Was this encounter inevitable? 5


Now, the long-awaited dinner.

When Miss Cristea stood in front of an empty table, two stock pots and one wooden covered pot appeared all of sudden.

Just where… ah! An inventory!
Come to think of it, Norman did receive a report from the Duke… For her to be able to use inventory at this age, she must have quite the talent in magic. She has a promising future.

However, what is this strong fragrance…!
The name of the new product is curry and there are apparently standard and advanced levels. The advanced level one sounds more delicious, so I chose that one. Miss Cristea also chose it, so it must be delicious.

「This is… the usual rice and… is the thing on top the new dish…? … The fragrance is wonderful, but its appearance is a bit…」

… Un, this is not good. It doesn’t look good. I’m seriously hesitating whether this can really be eaten, but… the fragrance is intense, increasing my desire to eat.

「… It’s such a dish. If you don’t like it, I can prepare something different for you」

Saying such, Miss Cristea begun to eat… she’s courageous. No, it’s only natural since she came up with it, huh.

… How deliciously she eats.
I immediately appraised it with my appraisal skill, but there doesn’t seem to be any poison. Rather, it shows that medicinal ingredients were used…? I can’t see most of them, but there seem to be many vegetables in it. The meat is… Bighorn Bull, huh. Those have very little cuts that could be considered tasty, but… eey, the delicious smell slows down my thinking. Anyhow, let’s eat!

I scooped out some rice and curry and brought it into my mouth… what a strong flavor…! My mouth got thoroughly entranced.

… Delicious! Moreover, how do I say it… hot…? No, painful?
What is this?! S… spi…!

「Spicy…! The hell is this! it’s too spicy…!?」

It’s so hot it’s as if my mouth caught on fire!
Rather, it hurts! I drank water immediately, but the pain and thirst didn’t go away.
Despite that, are you saying that… Miss Cristea is calmly eating the same thing!?
Moreover, she asked me if I want to eat it the way children do. Yes, please… as if I could say that!
I will finish it no matter what, alright!

… Ha~ ha~ painful… wa, water…!
When I picked up the glass of water again, she told me that washing it down before savoring the taste would be wasteful… when I looked over at Miss Cristea’s glass, there has been no signs of her drinking from it.
… Ku. Can’t be helped. I lowered the glass on the table and resumed eating. While eating a salad on the side to mitigate the pain…

… N? While continuing eating, it wasn’t just painful, it feels like I understood its complicated flavor…?
Indeed, I probably wouldn’t have understood if I continued drinking water while eating…
Hot… but tasty! I want to savor it more!

「Seconds! This spiciness could become a habit once I gotten used to it!」

Fu… how about it, Miss Cristea?
I’m a man who understands the advanced level, you know?

…? What is it? It’s as if she received a shock…? She surely must feel ashamed of herself for recommending me a child’s service. Yeah, you don’t need to mind it?


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