Shomin no Aji – Chapter 82

【Crown Prince POV】Was this encounter inevitable? 7


Miss Cristea recovered by the lunch time and served the dishes she retrieved from her inventory.

This omurice dish was also great…
A yellow fluffiness placed on top of red rice oozed out when split with a knife… yeah, this is amusing. This might be good to entertain a guest of honor from a foreign country. I will buy the recipe.

While hesitating to decide between ketchup and demi-glace sauce, Miss Cristea advised me to split the dish in two and use both… delicious. Both sauces were good.

I was intoxicated by the vivid colors and gentle taste. Haa… this is healing…

I was surprised when I heard that the true identity of the healing yellow fluffiness were eggs. When I asked whether they are some kind of special eggs to achieve such fluffiness, but I was told they are eggs you can find anywhere. In addition to the cooking method, the secret apparently lies in freshness and Cleaning magic…

Miss Cristea said that they can be eaten raw if not handled wrong. Impossible.

Knights Order and adventurers chug a raw egg to put their courage to the test, but unlucky people could get digestive problems so huge that they lose weight or, in the worst case scenario, die. Despite that…
Contrary to her fragile appearances, what a courage she has. However…

「You… they call you repulsive food eating lady because of things like that…」

Being courageous is a good thing. But, a thorny path stands between courage and bravery…

「… It’s unfortunate that you do not seem to understand…」

Fuu… Miss Cristea sighed and looked down sorrowfully.

「O, oy…?」

No, I intend to understand it, you know!?
Miss Cristea started explaining the deliciousness of raw eggs to the panicking me.  The sound of her throat reverberated as she talked about its deliciousness.  If it’s so delicious, I might not hesitate to try it.

「I was certain that you would show a response if you understood the deliciousness of this soft-cooked egg, but… how unfortunate」

Miss Cristea sighed yet again, raised her head and a seemingly sad smile floated on her face.

「It can’t be helped. I’m just a repulsive food eating lady after all…」

Ah, no, if Miss Cristea says it’s fine, then I think I wouldn’t mind giving it a try?

「U, umm…?」
「Let’s end this talk here. It’s not something I would forcibly recommend, you see?」
「Eh… oy…?」

After giving a smile, Miss Cristea resumed eating her omurice in silence.
… What to do? Have I made her make such sad smile?

I aimed for a chance to somehow resolve this misunderstanding, but my voice didn’t reach Miss Cristea who seemed to be lost in thoughts…

「… Prince Ray, I think it would be better if you quickly learned how to read the mood, alright?」

My ears hurt from Norman’s tired voice.

Haa… after that, I couldn’t help but think about Miss Cristea all the time. Like I thought, was meeting her…destiny?
I heard she doesn’t have a fiancé yet. Meeting her at this time was surely not by chance, it was inevitable.
What should I be doing for her to become my future Queen?
First, I will win over Norman who is her sibling, then I will have him cooperate with me…

Beside the distressed and pondering Crown Prince, Norman had a headache as he believed that the Crown Prince was thinking about something useless again.


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