Shomin no Aji – Chapter 86

Let's contract?


What to do? Are you going to make a contract? He asked without reservation, but… it’s not something I can decide on alone, is it…?

When I looked at the Holy Bear child while thinking such, he took a few glances and me and started grinding against Byakko-sama’s back after burying into it… cu, cute!

「Ah~… this should be the first time he faced a human… but I don’t think he’s frightened」

Hahaa, he is a shy one then…

「Oh my… is that so? How do you do? I’m called Cristea Ellisfeed. How about a snack as a symbol of our acquaintanceship?」

I took out a vanilla ice cream from the inventory. It’s hot, he’s a Polar Bear, I think he would be more pleased with something cold.

Because it would be difficult for him to eat like this… I decided to place it between dorayaki that I always have ready. In the meantime, his gaze was nailed on my hands. Alright, alright, I caught his attention!

「Would you like to try it?」

When I presented it, the child nodded and when he extended one of his hands to receive it, his balance crumbled and he fell from Byakko-sama’s back.

「Ah! Are you all right!?」

When I helped him sit up and tried to make him stand up somehow, he started flapping his arms and legs and nailed his gaze to me.

Once he managed to stand up, he took the dorayaki ice cream from me and started chomping. The hell is this adorable creature…!? Howaaaaa…!

「You… isn’t your expression way too loose…? … Rather, where’s my portion?」

Byako-sama! You are too noisy!! I certainly admit that my face became loose! But! You don’t have to pull on it!
I will give you dorayaki later! Because of your ignorance, Holy Bear-san fell from your back. Faa! Mofumofuyaa~n!


I heard a boyish voice different from Byakko-sama through telepathy. It’s without a doubt, this child’s voice.

「I’m glad it suits your tastes」

Ufufu. How cute…

『I, contract with, Cristea… will』
『Cristea, gentle. Magical power, snacks, delish too. Contract, want』
「Oh my…!」

I didn’t plan to get him accustomed to me through feeding, but there has been a result… i, is this fine!?

「No~ I don’t know about her being gentle or not… no, sorry about that, Cristea-san is extremely gentle, isn’t she~!」

When I smiled at Byakko-sama who said something unnecessary, he immediately changed his words. Yup, yup, the gentle Cristea-san will give you dorayaki, but Cristea-san that is not gentle won’t give you anything, you see? Fufufu…
I handed two dorayaki to Byakko-sama with a smile. He will surely become obedient with that.

『Cristea, let’s, contract?』

Holy Bear-san looked at me while tilting his head.
Uwaan! His slyness is cute too!!!!

「Yes! If you are fine with me…」

『Stoooop right theeereeee!』

Eh? What? What is it!?


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