Shomin no Aji – Chapter 87



『Oy, there! You have forgotten about me, didn’t you!』

What jumped from a tree above was a… w, wolf!? Moreover, it’s extremely huge…! I promptly lifted Holy Bear-san in my arms and hid behind Byakko-sama.

『I have waited for a long time but the topic never turned towards me, to treat me like this… I won’t forgive you! Byakko!』

Eh? Byakko-sama’s acquaintance…?

「Ah… I forgot」

Heeeeeeey? Byakko-samaa!?
You mustn’t try to act cute doing tehe while stuffing yourself with dorayaki! Wolf-san is getting angrier and angrier, you know~!?

『Byakko… to bring me here and forget about me, you have quite the guts, don’t you…?』

Garurururu… Wolf-san growled and showed its fangs. S, scary!

「Ah~… my bad, my bad. I forgot to mention this, but this fellow is another contract beast candidate」
「That was a very rough introduction, wasn’t it!?」
「Well… I went to greet this fellow since I was nearby and told him he doesn’t have to come since I got the pipsqueak with me, but he tagged along anyway」

Ha? He didn’t bring him but he tagged along instead??

『Wha! Even though I made the time to come, how dare you say it like that!』
「I came to greet you become you said in the past that you are lonely because you have no companions though」
『S, shut up! That was just your wild delusion!』

Nn? Was he lonely all by himself?

「Moreover, this fellow was noisy about how he wanted to eat a meal with good magical power…」
『Isn’t that only natural! It would be meaningless if my contracted lord’s magical power wasn’t tasty! If the meals are delicious too, then it’s something to celebrate!』

Well, of course. Making a contract has a sweetness of its own. Yup, yup.

『Moreover, Byakko. Weren’t you bragging how delicious the meals and magical power of the contracted lord candidate are!』

… Byakko-samaaaaa!! You did something agaaaain!!!!

「… Byakko-sama, could you seriously stop doing that?」

I glared at Byakko-sama.

「… Yeah, I’m vehemently reflecting upon that now」

He really seems to be reflecting this time.
Could he seriously learn from this experience already?

『Cristea’s, snacks and magical power, delish. I, contract, will』
『Mu, you should wait a little. I will be the judge of that』
『No way. Contract, will』

Holy Bear-san in my arms firmly clung to me. Hawawawawacuuute…!

「… Aren’t you already as good as contracted with this pipsqueak?」

Yes, well, I think so too…

「I’m sorry to have had you come this far only to return empty-handed…」
『What did you say!? You won’t make a contract with me!?』

Shock! Wolf-san had such an expression.
Ugh… I feel guilty, but…


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