Shomin no Aji – Chapter 88

Is it the turn for the self-introduction?


「That… erm, it’s not like I don’t want to make a contract with you, but… I don’t even know what kind of gentleman you are…」

I didn’t understand anything from that rough introduction after all…

『Mu, that’s true. I am Fenrir』

Fun, he introduced himself while breathing out from his nose.
Fenrir!? That? Were Fenrirs sacred beasts? Not magic beasts?

『I did some mischief back in the day, but I left that behind… I have separated myself from the human habitat to reform myself and lived in retirement with a minimum amount of hunting, but I already lost interest in that』
「In short, you were lonely, weren’t you?」
『Shut up! You be quiet! … I just thought that living while closely protecting a human would be amusing』
「Even though you were enticed by food and magical power…」
『I told you to be quiet! … Ahem. Anyhow, just as I was thinking such, this Byakko came over. That’s when I heard that you are looking to make a contract』

Looking at the sacred two-beast comedy act, I was troubled by how I should react.
No, I really wasn’t looking for one, you know~? Byakko-sama decided that himself.
Although I’m thankful because he did it out of worry for me.

Fenrir-san’s story still continued.

『Still young but with magical power of the finest quality, makes tasty meals, he kept on bringing up one thing after another. I thought that contracting and protecting someone like that wouldn’t be a bad idea』
「I thought you were too good for her, though~… However, she needs protection」
『You said she’s good enough to be a proper Lord, though』
「… Well. She is the owner of good divine power. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be introducing you to this girl. You wouldn’t be able to protect this fellow without having quite the strength, though」
『Ohh, if that’s the case then there won’t be a problem. If it’s me, then I will kick all hostile fellows around』

… Erm, I don’t need an excessive battle force… I am just a Duke’s daughter after all.

『With such a pretext, I came to make sure you are suitable to become my Lord before forming the contract with you』

… I won’t be able to refuse this, won’t I… h, how troublesome…

「Umm, make sure… about what?」
『Umu. I need to experience the quality of your magical power, I will have you let me eat something』

… Well, I thought it would turn out like this.

『Let’s see… I will go and hunt a Bighorn Bull for you. Show me how you can turn something with so few edible parts into something delicious』

Eh, what is this manga-like gourmet showdown development!?

… N? Bighorn Bull…?


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