Shomin no Aji – Chapter 89

Made a decision!?


「Umm, if it’s Bighorn Bull then I have a finished dish here…」

I used Bighorn Bull meat for the curry we had the other day.
I purchased the meat without fangs and pelt from the Adventurer’s Guild and asked Shin for the dismantling.

I used the tender and tasty parts for the curry and processed the remaining parts like beef tendon and boiled it well together. It can be eaten salty-sweet as it is or it would be excellent for Gyuudon. The unseasoned portion can be soaked in Ponzu, or used for Oden in winter… fufufu.
… I have a feeling that it won’t last until winter, though.
Beef tendon… I love that taste and texture.
Moreover, won’t the collagen make Okaasama’s skin more jiggly!

The muscly Bighorn Bull which takes time and effort to prepare is a lump of my favorite meat. I intend to process the tongue and organs deliciously without wasting them too. Fufufu.

That being the case, I retrieved the beef tendon-ish stew from the Inventory for Fenrir-san.

「I hope it could suit your tastes, but…」
『Umu, I will taste it』

Fenrir-san began eating the beef tendon stew I served on a large platter with his big mouth… rather, he ate it all in one mouthful.


Fenrir-san opened his eyes wide and froze in place.

『… This is…! What the hell is this!? This firm yet soft texture… are you saying that this was made from that muscly Bighorn Bull!?』
「Yes, precisely from the muscly parts」

I replied while handing the stew to Byakko-sama and Holy Bear-san.

『What!? Are you saying that the muscles that are difficult to eat even for me could become so tender!?』
「Yes, it can soften and become delicious with appropriate process and patience」

Boil the meat in a big pot, scoop out the excess fat and boil again… it will take some time to do it, but it will be delicious.

「Weally, dis ish yummy」

Byakko-sama, you shouldn’t talk with your cheeks stuffed, you know?

『Cristea, this too, delish』

I’m being healed by Holy Bear-san…
Ah, he got dirty around his mouth. I have to cast Cleaning magic on him later…

『… Splendid. I have seen your true strength!』

As I said… what is with this gourmet manga-like exchange…

「Haa… is that so…」
『You are worthy of being my contracted Lord!』
『No need to be surprised. It’s not strange at all considering your true strength, you know?』

No, no, I’m not surprised in that sense??

『Now, now! Won’t you make a contract with me! You should grant me a name!』

… You’ve got to be kidding me!


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