Shomin no Aji – Chapter 90

Fighting is strictly forbbiden!


「Umm… Byakko-sama, what should I…?」

Byakko-sama was the one who brought him, so I would like him to do something about it.

「… Shouldn’t you already give up and form the contract? This fellow will follow you around until you make the contract otherwise, you know?」

Right~? I completely agree!! I had such feeling!
But, not being able to cool off as soon as I make the contract would become a problem~! No way~!

『No, Cristea, making, contract, with me』

Gyu, Holy Bear-san tightly clung to my leg. Fuooh… I can’t get enough of this…!

『Muu… Holy Bear’s brat, you are still young. You should be yielding to me who grew old』

No, you don’t seem to be old at all!?

『… No. I, first. Contract, with, me!』

Gyugyugyu~ Holy Bear-san clung to me even more. Cute! … But, o, ouchouchouch…! … He’s powerful after all, isn’t he…

「Ho, Holy Bear-san, everything is all right. I will make a contract with you…」
『… Really?』
「Yes. Really」

I lifted him up when his strength loosened.

『… Happy. Give, me, a name?』

… Pleading while tilting his head! I’m going to die…!

『Wait a moment! What of my contract then!?』

Fenrir-san impatiently cut into the conversation. Ah… I forgot.

「Umm, that…」

What do I do?

「Can’t you just contract them both?」
「Ehh!? That’s…」

I thought contracting one sacred beast would be impossible for me, so to contract multiple…

「I think the amount of your magical power should be fine to support them both, you know? In the first place, you don’t have to worry about the contracts snatching your magical power completely. Just tasting your magical power in the dishes you make like we do is enough」
『That’s right. We usually supplement the magical power from the game we hunt. I’m not going to rob you out of your magical power』

Fenrir-san agreed with Byakko-sama’s persuasion.
Right, I will be handled like a luxurious grocery item, huh… no, I feel like something more mental will decrease instead of the magical power though…?

「If there’s a problem, that would be a contracted beast desiring to monopolize the Lord?」
「Isn’t that the biggest problem! Huh? But, doesn’t Sei have multiple…?」
「We have our circumstances. We are unique in a sense」
「Please stop trying to apply that uniqueness on me!」
「However, if you don’t resign, they will start fighting over you, you know?」
「Wha!? Surely not!? Besides, Holy Bear-san is still little!」
『Cristea, I, will fight』

He said while struggling to get down. Ha~! No way, no way!

「It will be fine. Didn’t I tell you before? He’s small to reduce his magical power consuption」

No, no, no! I certainly heard that, but he was only about to leave the den, right? Doesn’t he have zero experience in fighting!? Fenrir-san seems used to fights… you mustn’t make sacred beasts fight because of me, okay!?

「Ugh… could you settle this peacefully if I contract you?」
『Mu… I don’t feel good about it to be honest, but I can endure if it’s to strengthen your protection』
『… If Cristea, says so, will endure…』

… Whawhat is this, this feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place…!? Byakko-sama, I will hold a grudge!


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