Shomin no Aji – Chapter 91

Conditions of the contract.


… Can’t be helped, I will accept my fate.

「… All right. I will contract both of you」
『Ohh! Is that so!』
『… If, Cristea is, fine with, it, then good』

Said the all smiles Fenrir-san and slightly glum Holy Bear-san. I’m sorry.

「However! I have conditions regarding the contract」
『What is it? I will abide the Lord』
『? Conditions, what?』
「First, the size. Holy Bear-san is fine, but Fenrir-san is just too big! I won’t contract anyone that isn’t small and adorable!」
「Is being adorable necessary?」
「Yeah! It is healing!」

At the very least, I won’t be able to take him home with such a terrifying appearance.

『Mu… I don’t understand much about adorableness, but it will be fine as long as I become small, right?』
「Yes. If not, I won’t be able to take you home after all」

In his current state, he won’t even be able to pass through the entrance door.

「If possible, I would prefer a wolf pup size, but…」

Like that, he would at least look like a doggy.

『Hmmm… is this much enough?』

Gugugu… Fenrir-san shrunk into a large-breed dog size. It has a husky, Alaskan malamute, wolfish feeling to it?

「… Looks good. Could you turn even smaller?」

I wish for the puppy size.

『It’s not impossible, but it would be difficult to maintain that form instead. This is the limit if you want to suppress my consumption of magical power』

Well, rather than the previous size… can’t be helped. This size is also mofu-viable.

「I understand. Unless the circumstances don’t allow it, I would like you to stay in this form from now on」
『Aye, understood』

Alright, alright.

「Holy Bear-san… are you all right staying like this?」
『Un. But, can, become, bigger, you know?』

No, no. Please stay this size by all means!

「You won’t be able to enter my room if you are too big, you know?」

Yeah. That’s it for the problem of the size.

「Well then, the next condition is to avoid unnecessary fights or killing except in a state of emergency. Intimidation is also no good」

They are already an excessive force. I wouldn’t want to become a loner just because of fear. I would like sacred beasts that are loved by everyone.

『… Can’t be helped』
『State of emergency, what kind of?』
「Let’s see, when you or I am in danger, when we have to rescue someone in peril… and such? Also, when you guys go hunting to avoid starvation」

I won’t let you guys starve though.

『Got it』
「And lastly. I will properly feed you, so don’t ask for more than necessary」

This I learned from Byakko-sama.

「Eh, that’s…」
「I learned this crucial thing right from the beginning, you see」

I answered while grinning at Byakko-sama.

「… I see」

Your face is cramping, you know?

『Umu. I don’t think I eat endlessly, but… I’m happy to eat to a certain extent』
『Got it. As long as, get delish, then good』
「Thank you very much for your understanding」

Now then, the contract.
Names, huh… what do I do about that?


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