Shomin no Aji – Chapter 92

The naming sense... is...


『Now, if your distress disappeared, let’s form the contract! Come up with a name for me!』
『Cristea, give name, please?』

R, right now? Do I have to decide now? … I do, huh?
Uwaa~ My naming sense is on the TaroJiroMikeTama level, so asking me to decide right now is impo~ssi~ble~!

Ugh… Holy Bear-san… Polar Bear… Shiro… is not good, isn’t it… white…

「… Mashiro. It’s a foreign word meaning pure white, Mashiro… how about that?」

I face Holy Bear-san and ask while writing the characters on the ground with a branch. Would it be no good since it has no twist??

「You know Yahatul language quite well, don’t you?」

Ah, as I thought Yahatul language is similar to Japanese…

『Mashiro…? My, name?』
「Yes, Mashiro」

At that moment, I felt as if some circuits got connected. That was probably the contract being completed.

『I am, Cristea’s, contracted beast, Mashiro』
「Yes, please take care of me, Mashiro」

Kyu, I embraced him and stroked his back. Fufu, so soft and comfy.
From now on, I will be able to mofu Mashiro as much as I please, huh… my mofu-life is advancing in the right direction!

『Then, it’s my turn next!』

Oh right, there’s still Fenrir-san.
Ugh, I can’t come up with anything~…
Fenrir-san overflowing with expectations, his tail shaking blazingly fast. Um, the pressure…

Silver fur drizzled with black… silver wolf… blackish silver…

「Kurogane. It’s written as black silver, Kurogane… what do you think?」

In fact, black metal would be the correct spelling, but he doesn’t have a metallic look… it feels a bit stingy on my part, but… that’s the limit of my vocabulary.

『Kurogane… fumu. Very well, my name has become Kurogane from now on!』

Just like before, I felt something connecting. Is the contract finalized with this?

「Please treat me well, Kurogane」
「Hmm, white and black, huh. Doesn’t ShiroKuro combination sound good?」
『We are not a combination!』
『… Unwilling』

… Huh? When I think about it, white and black… aaaaah!? It wasn’t different from TaroJiro level in the end…!?
N, no but, look, white and black form a balance, doesn’t it?
Moreover, both are satisfied with their names, right…? It’s fine, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

I mean, I am not able to come up with sensible Western names anyway!

「You two, you will be together for a long time from now on, so try to get along, okay?」
『Mu… can’t be helped』
『… Will, try』

Hmm, it seems that the desire to monopolize really is strong… seriously, get along well, okay? Because I, the one in between, will be troubled.
A competition about who is the legal wife and who is the mistress sounds scary, but…
Why would a nine-year-old have to worry about that…

「… If you fight, you will be without a meal, alright?」

The two jolted, so「Without a meal」punishment seems viable.

… There was no need for Byakko-sama to jolt too, alright?


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