Shomin no Aji – Chapter 93

I have to come up with an excuse!?


「Now then, I will be returning since the contracts finished safely」
「Ah! Thank you very much, Byakko-sama」
「No, this was for your protection and now you have an excuse for the warp magic」

Ah… that was so. There was also the explanation of warp magic for Oniisama. However, Mashiro and Kurogane will have to take part in my lie, don’t they… I don’t like it.

『Excuse for a warp magic?』
「I taught this fellow warp magic, but her elder brother found out she can use it. He questioned her about who she learned it from, but she couldn’t answer because our existence is supposed to be a secret, so we were quite troubled…」
『Fumu. Would it be fine if you said you learned it from me?』

Eh, isn’t it advancing too fast!?

『I know about Byakko’s position to some extent, and I’ve also heard about the circumstances of Byakko’s lord from him』
「That would help. Can we leave it to you?」
『Ou. If it’s to return the debt of introducing me to a contract lord, then it’s nothing』

Eh? What, Kurogane suddenly became a reliable wolf.

That being the case, I found Kurogane who was wandering through our country weakened in our plot’s forest and saved him and he taught me the warp magic as thanks, but he came back to form a contract with his lifesaver in the end… we decided on such a setting, but. What the hell is this moving tale?

「… But, that won’t explain how Mashiro came to be though…?」
『In that case, let’s say that I picked Mashiro who was searching for a lord because he ran out of magical power and brought him here』

Doesn’t this setting make Kurogane look like a pretty nice guy? His smug face is very… annoying.

『… Unwilling, extremely』

Mashiro looks dissatisfied… of course, he is…

「I’m sorry. Because of me…」
『If Cristea, troubled, then, will, endure』
「Thank you, Mashiro」

I pat Mashiro’s head and thoroughly mofumofu him.

「So it’s decided. Then, I’m dispelling the barrier」

Byakko-sama was about to leave smilingly as if a load was taken off of his mind.

「… You erected a barrier?」
「N? Yeah. You would be troubled if someone disturbed you in the middle of forming the contracts, right?」

Uwaa~… he erected a barrier~? I didn’t notice~… How naturally he can use the barrier! It’s amazing, but! It’s unfortunately troublesome!!

「… Umm, I did tell you about how my elder brother noticed that the presence of my magical power vanished when I warped, right…?」
「Yeah… ahh!!」

He noticed, huh? The presence of my magical power vanished again because of the barrier, so Oniisama might have already noticed and is searching for me… crap.

「… Byakko-sama」
「T, then, I’m returning! I will bring umeboshi next time, alright!」

After dispelling the barrier, Byakko-sama quickly warped away.

『Ku…! Do you think you can dodge this with just umeboshi? … Please, bring them quickly, okay! It’s fine to send them via warp too!』

Is what I conveyed through the telepathy, so he will surely deliver the umeboshi later.

Now then, how should I explain to Oniisama…


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