Shomin no Aji – Chapter 94

I have been found out!


「Cristea! … Are you safe!?」

The panting Oniisama jumped in from the opposite side of the thicket.

His cheeks flushed, his clothes tattered here and there because of the thicket. Oh no, so amorous… why are there so many men with high feminine levels so near to me!? I don’t understand!

「…! Cristea! Stay still! I will definitely save you !」
「That wolf! I will be its opponent!!」

Shouting such, he began developing magic.

Eh? Wolf, he said… Kurogane!?
Did he misunderstand that I am being attacked!?
I’m happy that he’s trying to save me, but this is a misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding, alright!!

『He seems to have a misunderstanding』
『Kurogane, looks bad, inevitable』
『… I don’t mind swallowing Mashiro in one gulp like a bad guy, you know?』

This is not the time to be having a talk among yourselves!
Didn’t I say that fighting is prohibited!?

「Umm, Oniisama! You misunderstood! These children are allies!」
「… Allies?」

When I stepped in front of Kurogane and Mashiro to protect them, Oniisama stopped his chant in doubt.

「That’s right. These children are my contracted beasts」
「… Eh?」
「I’m telling you that they are by contracted beasts. Fenrir and Holy Bear」

Ah, he became speechless.

「… Contracted beasts? Cristea’s?」
「Both of them?」
「… Yes」
「Fenrir and Holy Bear are-?」
「… Yes」
「… Let’s return to the mansion first. Let’s have a talk after」
「… Yes」

Ah~… a lecturing course again, huh.
Even though I didn’t do anything wrong~… ugh.

「… Seriously, I noticed that your magical power’s presence disappeared again and was looking for you, you know? When I hurried over after finally finding your presence again, contracted beasts… Cristea, you only cause me to worry」

Oniisama who checked me for injuries was stroking my hair and cheeks.

「… I’m sorry」
「… Well, anyhow. I’m the one who worries about Cristea the most, after all. Don’t forget that, okay?」

Oniisama smiled while patting my head.
Ugh, Oniisama you are too wonderful…!

『My Lord is my biggest concern. No need to worry, Big Bro』
『I, protect, Cristea, so, is fine. Oniisan’s, turn, not needed』
「… There’s no way that I, as the elder brother, wouldn’t worry about my little sister, is there?」

… N? Is the telepathy connecting?

「Oniisama, you are able to hear the telepathy?」
『I made sure he understands us』
「… Even without that, I could somehow understand from their aura」

Som… somehow, dangerous mood…?

「N, now, now! Let’s return to the mansion first! Let’s talk after that!」

Okay? Okay? I persuaded them and we decided to return to the mansion… I, I’m exhausted…


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