Shomin no Aji – Chapter 95

Let's keep it secret, let's do that.


Just before coming out of the forest, Oniisama stopped and addressed Kurogane and Mashiro.

「Could Fenrir-dono and Holy Bear-dono conceal yourselves for now? His Highness the Crown Prince is currently staying at the mansion. I think of consulting with parents whether let the country know of your existence」
『Mu, I see. Then we will lie hidden for a while. Lord, call our names and we will come rushing』

Kurogane said such, took Mashiro who I was carrying in my arms by the scuff of his neck and disappeared.

「Warp, huh… did you perhaps learn the warp magic from him?」
「… Yes, well… what do I say…」

Even before I could explain, Oniisama luckily misunderstood. Did Kurogane calculate this and warped on purpose?

I begun walking towards the mansion while shading off the answer.
The mansion isn’t that far from the forest.

「I see… including the matter about the warp magic, keep it confidential from His Highness for the moment. We have to consult with Father whether let the royal family now」
「Why is that?」
「… Tea, you still didn’t notice that you are in a difficult position, did you?」
「Haa… you lack self-consciousness. Listen, okay? Can use the rare Inventory and Warp magic, able to use common magic chantless, has a contract with a beast. Two at that」
「… Umm, in fact, I can use barrier magic as well」

It would be troublesome to explain once it gets exposed, so I might as well be blunt right now.

「… I see… haa. What do you think will the royal family do once they get to know of Tea’s existence?」

If the royal family gets to know about me…?
I stopped in place and instantly turned pale. S, surely not…?

「… W, will they use me for a war?」

No way~! War, not good, absolutely not!

「… That’s not it. You are owner of a considerable amount of magical power and have the status of the Duke’s daughter, so there’s no problem. Furthermore, you have created and patented many new dishes and tools…… Since it’s like that, don’t you think that the royal family would want to take you in?」
「… Eh? What do you mean?」

I have a bad feeling though.

「… You will become one of Prince Ray’s fiancée candidates」
「… Ha?」

Prince Ray’s?
That one who is currently staying at our home? The Crown Prince!?
Wait, that, no I would like to heartily avoid that though!?

「Because there are many candidates that are close in age, the selection is already in the process, but… does Tea want to become the Crown Princess… the future Queen?」

I immediately shake my head at the inquiring Oniisama. I would like to flatly refuse that.

「Fufu, I thought so」

Oniisama said delightfully.
N…? Normally, the relatives would greatly push you towards the chance at becoming royalty though… right?

「Does Oniisama not want me to become His Highness’ fiancée?」

Even though it’s both Otousama’s and Oniisama’s chance at successful career.

「My biggest priority is to make sure Tea stays like you are. if you become His Highness’ fiancée, the Crown Princess education will crush all that Tea-ness. That would be unforgiveable」
「Therefore, Tea, I would like you to stay as my cute little sister for a bit longer」

Fuwaa… the destructive power of Oniisama’s smile is impressive!

「Of course, I will do that!」
「Fufu, let’s go then」

We, the siblings, join hands and harmoniously hurried on the road home.


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