Shomin no Aji – Chapter 98

Let's compromise.


If I, who transmigrated, enrolled into the academy, contrary to the expectations, would not have the position of a villainess noble girl, but the position of repulsive food eating bullied child☆… I can’t laugh at that! I really can’t!
No, I would like to avoid both by all means!

「Ugh… t, that’s quite possible, isn’t it… in that case, won’t you at least call me by my name when we are around people who are close to us like now…?」

His Highness the Crown Prince hung on even when downhearted.

Hmm… I would like to refrain if possible, but… wouldn’t I seem too arrogant if I refused him here…?

Thinking about it carefully, it seems that His Highness doesn’t have many close friends because of his position as the Crown Prince… (Blasphemy! Such a remark might be returned though)

Is that why he wants to become close to me, his little sister too?
… He might be a bit pitiful if he doesn’t have any friends.

In the first place, he called me repulsive food eating lady and I took a revenge on him with curry, no matter how you look at it, the chance of me becoming His Highness’ fiancée is almost nonexistent, isn’t it?

That’s right, there’s no way I could become an object of love for His Highness’ and become his fiancée, right?? To begin with, I’m still just a child, you know!?

Rather, if I get close to him now and show him how unladylike I am, it’s evident that the other side would reject me as a fiancée candidate.
No matter what you say, I’m the repulsive food eating lady after all!

… I feel sad saying it myself.

「I understand. Prince Raymond… may I call you like that?」
「Y… Yeah! Of course! Ray, if possible…」
「… That’s as expected… a bit…」

I declined while smiling ambiguously.

「… I got it. That’s fine for now… may I call you Cristea too?」
「… Only my family can call me without honorifics, so…」

I have to decline that.

「… I understand, Miss Cristea」

I smiled while recommending seconds of ice tea and scone.

「… Cristea, are you really all right with that?」
「It could become dangerous if I didn’t stop there」

I smiled and offered Oniisama a scone. Of course, I have to request Oniisama for the follow-up later.

I’m talking about His Highness. I can’t help but think that he would say: “Hey, Cristea!” without using any honorifics once we meet at the academy.

Anyhow, rather than concerning myself with His Highness, I have to introduce Mashiro and Kurogane to Otousama and Okaasama so I can quickly bring them home…! Then I could mofu them to my heart’s content!

Thinking such, I waited for Otousama’s return while fidgeting.


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