Shomin no Aji – Chapter 99

Reporting to Otousama.


Because Otousama returned late, we ended up having a dinner immediately…
… Mashiro, Kurogane, wait for a little longer, okay…!

Ton… orcastu was naturally greatly approved. Everyone wanted another helping of the shredded pseudo-cabbage and miso soup, so I was right to make more.
The perilla I picked during the day mixed with the pseudo-cabbage was also successful. Perilla has done a great job!
Next time, I will cook mille-fueille katsu with perilla and cheese.

「Hmm, I don’t normally eat so many vegetables though…」

His Highness… Prince Raymond said wonderingly. He’s eating a lot, isn’t he? He already had his third serving of cabbage, didn’t he?

「That’s right. Even though you usually have a very unbalanced diet consisting of only meat」
「Be quiet… the food preparation must have just been bad, surely」

Prince Raymond answered sulkily to Oniisama who was chuckling.
No, no, I just shredded the cabbage, you know? Besides, you are constantly venting your stress, Your Highness. Aren’t you?

The main dish was oily, so the dessert is pudding with many fruits.
As expected, pudding is extremely popular both for adults and children.
Seconds? There’s none, you know?

After dinner, I asked Otousama for his time and we decided to have a talk in his study.

「Thank you very much for giving us your precious time, Father」
「No, sorry for not having the time for a relaxed talk with the family. However, it’s rare for you guys to come together for a talk. Just what is happening?」
「Actually… it’s about Cristea」

Oniisama decided to talk about this time’s matter first.

「About Cristea? … Just what did you do?」

Jolt, Otousama asked vigilantly. Eh, isn’t he cruel for thinking I did something wrong?? … Well, he’s generally correct though.

This will turn into a private talk and it would be bad for people from the royal palace to hear us, so I cast barrier magic just in case.

「…? W, what was that just now…!?」
「I have a secret to tell, so I formed a barrier」
「!? Cristea, that is…!」
「Father, calm down and hear me out」

Otousama who heard the course of events from Oniisama held his head in pain.

I, I’m truly sorry…

「… You have saved Sacred Beasts who has collapsed from being too weak in the forest on our plot, they taught you warp magic as a thanks, and you contracted them after…?」
「… Yes」
「Moreover, it’s Fenrir and Holy Bear?」
「… Yes, what do I say, it turned out like that…」

Otousama leaks a big sigh.
It went beyond shock to a headache… is what is written on his face…

「Do you understand the situation you are in now?」
「… Oniisama has informed me of the possibilities」
「I see… I will ask just in case, but do you wish to become His Highness’ fiancée… the future Queen?」
「I would like to humbly decline」
「I see! Then let’s bury this matter for a while! I’m going to refrain from reporting to the royal family too!」
「… Eh? Y, yes!」

His heartbroken expression took an immediate turn and he showed an extremely nice smile… huhh?


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