Silver Death – Chapter 10


Yuri’s day ended with Saggy Tits’ meticulous training. As soon as she entered her room, she plopped onto the bed and grasped her aching shoulders. The light touch of her little hands sent excruciating pain throughout her body.

Suiren who was watching her felt that something was wrong, but she just couldn’t tell what.
However, once Yuri took off her shirt, what Suiren saw through the gaps of her fingers drained the color from her face. Bloody scratch marks and crescent-shaped holes were dug along both of Yuri’s upper arms and shoulders. Basically, nearly everything that was covered by her shirt has stained her milky-white skin with dreadful red color.

“M, Master…”

Suiren didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t understand how any of this happen. As the proper slave she is, she was watching over her Master all this time. She wasn’t able to see anything that could cause her to get injured like this.


She muttered. She recalled how Saggy Tits Layla seemed to be closer to Yuri than any of the other heroes. She didn’t find it strange as she thought she just fell for Yuri’s charm just like she did, in fact, she felt jealous of Layla. Suiren realized that things don’t seem how they appeared. However, there was currently nothing she could do. She’s just a slave, her Master is ignoring her and Layla is too strong and influential to do something about her.

The next day, Yuri suffered under Saggy Tits’ practice menu again. Although she was being abused without anyone noticing, Yuri did learn how to control her new powers faster than anyone. Among the heroes under Saggy Tits, she is currently the only one who is able to manifest her ability into different shapes and forms. Of course, she and her two sisters are the only ones who know about that.

As for Suiren, she stealthily disappeared from the training grounds for about three hours before returning and watching how Saggy Tits is taking care of her Master.
The reason she disappeared was naturally for the sake of her Master. She broke into the castle’s pharmacy and stole the most expensive ointments for pain relief, bruises and scratches she could find.

Like this, day after day passed and Suiren gradually earned Yuri’s attention.
Yuri’s and Suiren’s relationship improved over ointments while the patience of the two sisters over Saggy Tits’ abuse steadily deteriorated.

Ten days passed since the heroes got summoned to Eternia.
Today, as usual, Yuri was walking towards the training grounds.
This time, however, the voices in her head were on their noisiest since coming to this world.

(Ahh! I can’t stand her saggy tits anymore! Cut them off! Cut them off!)
{For once, I agree with you. Big Sis, I think it’s time to go. We tolerated it for over a week because you weren’t saying anything. But! I’m at my limit!}
(That’s right, that’s right! Chop her head off! Burn her to crisp! Stick her wrinkly arm up to her loose ass!)

Although Yuri didn’t say anything, she agreed with the two.
Yuri decided to leave if an opportunity arises.

Yuri joined the practice as usual. Today, the heroes under Saggy Tits were trying to hit a stationary target with their abilities for the first time.

“Ahh, I feel so tired!”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Same here…”
“Of course you do, it’s your first time trying to hit a target with your ability. This will be all for today, go to your rooms and rest for tomorrow. I will stay behind with Little Rabbit until she hits the target.”

The three heroes left. As Saggy Tits’ group was the last one at the training grounds, only Yuri, Suiren, and Saggy Tits remained. The gentle smile on Saggy Tits’ face instantly disappeared and got replaced with a displeased one.

“Alright you ungrateful little pest. I spend my precious time teaching you even though I detest your pretty face and you won’t even get it right? What’s so hard about hitting a stationary target!?”


Saggy Tits shouted and slapped Yuri across her face.

“See? Wasn’t that hard, was it?”
“How dare you hit my Master!”

Suiren reacted to Saggy Tits’ slap in anger.

“Shut up slave! You have no right to speak! Speak again, and I will throw both you and your master to beggars!”

Yuri raised her hand to stop Suiren who was about to throw herself at Saggy Tits.

(This Saggy Tits!)
… Grr.
{Big Sis?}
… Enough!
(Ah, she snapped~)

A lightning started gathering around Yuri’s hand at a fast rate.
In a blink of an eye, the lightning took a shape of an egg.
As Saggy Tits stared dumbfoundedly at the spectacle before her, the egg cracked open and a small, lizard head peeked from within.

{A dragon?}
(That’s so adorabz!~ Let me cuddle it!)

“This is…”

Drops of sweat started flowing down Saggy Tits’ forehead.

“… Impossible!”

She shouted in disbelief. This little pest that wasn’t even able to properly hit a target can make her ability to take such elaborate shape?
The little dragon’s head looked at Saggy Tits, opened its mouth…


Feeling the impending danger, Saggy Tits quickly formed a fire shield around her.


The lightning released from the dragon’s mouth landed on Saggy Tits’ body and ignited the entire training grounds.
Blazing flames were cooking the surroundings while Yuri was standing at the center of a deep crater. All grass was gone, the brown soil got charred black. A pillar of black smoke was flowing towards the castle.

Then, it started raining.
Saggy Tits’ body nowhere to be found.
Instead, only a red splat in front of Yuri remained.

The little dragon closed his mouth in satisfaction and disappeared just as abruptly as it appeared.

(Wow~ Look at her! Ain’t she just like… a mosquito!?)
{Uhh, Big Sis? Are you alright?}
… Exhausted.
{What should we do now?}

Yuri slowly surveyed the surroundings.

… Run?


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