Silver Death – Chapter 11


The King’s chambers, Alasta Kingdom.


“!? Is anyone there!”
“Your Majesty!”
“Are we under attack? Find out what happened at once!”

The King of Alasta Kingdom, Henry Benjamin Schlusser, ordered the guards who were standing outside of his chambers and made his way to the Throne room.
He sat on the throne and waited for the report.

Before long, few soldiers barged into the throne room in a hurry and kneeled before him.

“Yes! Your Majesty, the training grounds are on fire!”
“Training grounds? Was there anyone this late?”
“Your Majesty, Lady Layla was still conducting her lesson while the other trainers already finished!”
“Layla? What happened!? Is she alright? What about the heroes she was training?”
“Three out of four heroes were sent back by Lady Layla earlier, only her and the youngest of the heroes stayed behind. Unfortunately, we were unable to find them.”
“Unable to find them? Search! No matter what methods you employ, you must find her! Both of them! Do we make ourself clear!?”

The King muttered Saggy Tits’ name in sadness.

The door to the Throne room suddenly burst open.

“Your Majesty! What happened! What happened to Yuri!”

It was Bai Lan who was covered in dirt and sweat from head to toes, her trainer Melone behind her.

“Calm down, Hero. We do not know what happened to her yet. She and her trainer, Layla are currently missing.”

The King said with a concerned voice.

“Missing… how can this be?”

Completely forgetting about her manners, Bai Lan turned around on her feet and rushed towards the training grounds.
Melone sighed and quietly followed after her.

When Bai Lan arrived at the training grounds and saw its condition…


She fell down on her knees, tears flowing down her cheeks.


A small, lone figure was running through a gloomy forest, oblivious to the dangers lurking in the darkness.

{Umm, Big Sis? Haven’t you forgotten about something?}
(What? What? Whatchu talking about~?)
{You know, waking you up in the mornings, preparing your meals, helping you clothe, following you like your shadow for the past ten-ish days…}
… Ah!

“Master! Please wait for me! Don’t leave me behind~!”

(Oy. I thought she got caught up in the explosion?)
{Just how much did you want to get rid of her, Yuriko?}
(Just a little bit? I mean, she’s snatching the best parts!)

“Master, you are so mean! How could you run away without me? What if something were to happen when I was not around? As your slave, I will follow you wherever you go and help you with whatever you do! There’s no way that I, Master’s first and best slave wouldn’t be prepared for any kind of situation! Even if lightning were to suddenly strike me, this slave- Suiren would be prepared!”
“(Aw, how adorabz you are! Let me fondle you!)”
“Eh? Ahh! P, please be gentle, it’s my first time…”

… Thief.
(What! She deserves it! Just look at her! Look at those fondle-able puppies!)

“(There, there! Take this and that!)”
“Ahn! Hafu… Nnn~”

… Soft.
{It’s so soft…}
(Guhehe… I will master my fondling technique, so I’m ready for when the time comes~)

While enjoying the soft sensation that couldn’t be found anywhere on Yuri’s body, little did the sisters know that a pair of red eyes was stalking them, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

“Haa, haa… Master, I can’t take it anymore~!”

Suiren fell on her knees while pleading Yuri (Yuriko) to stop.
However, the moment Suiren fell down, a big shadow dashed towards them from the nearby bushes.

(Eh- What!? Oy, I wasn’t done yet!)

Yuriko protested because she wanted to fondle Suiren more, but when she saw a huge shadow speeding towards them, she gave up and obediently watched as Yuri took control of her body back.


Suiren, who was on the ground with sweat pouring from her forehead reacted a step faster than Yuri.
Suiren clearly recalls the events from just a moment ago, however, she reflexively blocked the razor sharp mouth with her bare arm.


Suiren stopped the beast’s attack.
This beast takes pride in killing its prey stealthily before even letting it know what killed it, so it was both startled and angry that Suiren stopped it.

(A doggy? No… Two-headed doggy! Yay~)
{This isn’t the time to joke around, Suiren’s hand is in its mouth. Big Sis, if you don’t do something at once, Suiren will lose her arm!}

But even without being told, Yuri was already prepared to strike, she somehow felt that Suiren will block the attacker, so she didn’t bother preparing any defenses.
She didn’t know why she felt like this or if Suiren will actually block it, but for some reason, she just felt that Suiren will act as she did.
A small smile appeared on Yuri’s face.

{(Big Sis)}

Both Yurin and Yuriko could feel a tad bit of warmth spreading through Yuri’s frozen heart.

Yuri threw her fist enveloped in crackling lightning at the beast.
When the beast saw the small fist heading towards its forehead, it released Suiren’s arm from its mouth and dodged backward.


Yuri’s fist which missed the target and hit only the air released a small shockwave.


The beast felt dejected and threatened. The moment the beast saw the little fist coming its way, its instincts told it to dodge at all costs.
When it saw two weak humans carelessly playing around in its territory, it was rejoicing. It’s not that often you can come across an easy meal in this forest.
However, not only its prided stealth attack was blocked, it felt a death rushing from that little fist. When the beast looked into Yuri’s eyes, it knew that it can’t escape a battle.


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