Silver Death – Chapter 12


While the beast was pondering if it should retreat or not, a scent sweeter than any of its former mates drifted into its nose. When the beast followed the direction of the scent, its eyes landed on the small figure ahead.

How could it not smell this scent when it was lurking in the bushes?
This scent was so… delicious!
All thoughts the beast had about escaping instantly disappeared. Saliva started dripping from both of the beast’s mouths.


The beast growled and charged at Yuri in a frenzy.
It felt like it had to eat Yuri’s flesh no matter what. It didn’t care anymore for any injuries it might suffer from recklessly charging straight at her.

However, the beast didn’t think that it would feel a sharp pain at the temple of one of its head in the next moment.


The beast’s right head looked at the left head only to see a hole ripped through its brains.
While baffled why what has just occurred, it suddenly felt a warmth on top of its right head.

The beast cautiously looked up, only to see Yuri’s expressionless face.

“… Die for me?”

The beast’s eyes opened wide in shock. How did the little human get so close? How did it not notice? Even though it was startled by having the brains from its left head being blown out, it would still notice when someone approached it.

In the next moment, the beast heard buzzing and crackling and felt excruciating pain in its head. It was almost as if its brains were eaten from inside out.
The beast was terrified, there was nothing it could do. It fell down and started thrashing on the ground, trying to shake off the pain.

The pitiful beast took a last peek at the human who killed it and ceased to move.

When Yuri saw the charging beast, she almost instinctively stepped to the side and shot her hand forward. The power and speed of her hand were faster than she expected, and even though she intended only to dodge, her counterattack was seamless and not something she thought about.

Moreover, after the beast died, Yuri felt her body surging with new power.
She found this feeling refreshing. She felt… stronger.


Suiren suddenly exclaimed with a bright smile.

“You were so cool, Master! ‘… Die for me?’ Kyaaa!”

Suiren covered her bright red face with her hands and started wriggling her body.
Being praised like that and being reminded of what she just said, Yuri’s face got dyed red in embarrassment.

(Hahaha~ Big Sis is blushing~)
{It has been a while since I saw you embarrassed like this, Big Sis.}

Yuriko and Yurin joined in on the fun and tried to tease Yuri even further.

Not being able to take it anymore, Yuri turned around on her heel and started walking away.

“M, Master? Wait a moment please!”

However, before she could escape, Suiren stopped her.


Yuri tilted her head to the side, asking Suiren what’s the matter.

“Are you not taking its core? This is Two-headed Behemoth, it’s a relatively rare monster, so we could make a considerable amount of money by selling its core.”

Suiren walked to the lifeless body of the Two-headed Behemoth, stabbed her knife into its belly and took out a bloody bead.

“This is it.”

She presented the core to Yuri.


“The powder of the Two-headed Behemoth’s core is used for medicine, so it should earn us somewhere around fifteen go-”
“… Mnn.”
“M, Master!?”

Before Suiren could finish talking, Yuri took the core in her hands and plopped it straight into her little mouth.

Crunch, crunch, crunch…

The core shattered in her mouth and she then swallowed it, not leaving behind even a fragment.
Suiren stared at her master in amazement and shock. Yuri was also shocked though. The moment she saw the core, the urge to swallow it overpowered it, thus she swallowed it without knowing why.

(How was it? Was it tasty~? Did you like the taste~? I like the taste of cores! They taste like nothing with a little bit of nothing~)
{I don’t really like their taste. They have no taste in the first place. That’s why they taste like nothing, you idiot.}
(What did you say, you old hag!?)
{Want to fight!? Oy!}

“M, master! Were you that hungry? Please, punish this slave for not noticing that earlier! This slave will prepare a meal right away! Wait just a moment please!”

(Somehow… she looks eager to receive punishment~?)
{I wonder whose fault might that be?}
(Turns around and walks away while whistling.)
{That’s not how it works.}
(It is now!)

Hearing the word ‘meal’, Yuri’s stomach reminded her that she indeed is quite hungry, so she sat down and waited for Suiren to prepare the Two-headed Behemoth.
Yuri observed Suiren as she happily prepared the food while skipping around.

“Master, the food is ready!”

Suiren said with a bright smile.
She brought the meal before Yuri and sat next to her.
Just like the Two-headed Behemoth, Suiren found Yuri’s scent pleasant, making her want to stick to Yuri even closer.
Yuri, however, could only smell the delicious smell of grilled meat.

After the meal, the surroundings were gradually becoming darker and darker and Yuri was getting sleepy, so she decided to call it a day.
Not being able to secure any substitute for a bed, she huddled close to Suiren and closed her eyes.

… Comfy.

Yuri thought and her consciousness slowly drifted away.

“So cute…”

Suiren confirmed that Yuri fell asleep before shutting her system off.


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