Silver Death – Chapter 16


“It has gotten dark.”

Suiren who was able to secure winter clothes for Yuri at a cheap price said after leaving the clothes shop.
Yuri who was now forced to move using her own feet because she didn’t need Suiren’s warmth anymore nodded in a bad mood.

The clothes Suiren purchased for Yuri were a winter coat, thick trousers, a woolen hat, and woolen mittens which cost her 100 Wegls in total. Everything is in black.

“We should find a place to sleep now. Hopefully, we can spend a night for 83 Wegls.”

Suiren said with guilt.
The thoughts of getting scammed by the kind-looking alchemist were still haunting her.

Fortunately, they were able to find a good, cheap inn in the vicinity of the clothes shop where they spend the night.

Or, at least that was supposed to happen.
About four hours in their sleep, Yuri suddenly sat up.

“(Hello~? Anyone awake~)”

It was Yuriko.
She carefully checked whether anyone is awake.

No one replied her.
Suiren, Yuri, and Yurin were all deeply asleep.

“(Alright! Hehehe…)”

Yuriko disappeared in a puff of smoke while laughing.
It was two in the morning and nearly all citizens of Walmyr were resting. Yuriko thus didn’t have to be discreet. She sped straight towards her target.
She stopped in front of a certain store. The extravagant signboard with “Alchemy Idhas” written on it was standing out among the nearby buildings.

“(Oh, looks like he’s home.)”

Yuriko said while looking at the light coming out from the windows.

“(Now then. I will invite myself in~)”

She became a puff of smoke again and entered the building by going through the crevices of the door.

“Master, all gold has been melted according to your instructions.”
“Mhm, was it enough to fill the pot completely?”
“Yes, it’s filled to the brink thanks to the gold we obtained today.”
“We were in luck today. Thanks to that dumb maid, we can complete our mission today and be back by Scalesia Khan’s side in a few days.”
“It’s only thanks to Master’s wisdom. I’m sure our Khan will be pleased to see the results of the Disguise Potion you have invented. Once he sees the results, you will surely become the richest man in the whole Scalesia!”
“Haha… enough flattery. Let’s get the job done. I don’t want to spend more time than needed in this stupid country that lets a woman be in charge.”

As soon as Yuriko entered the room, she heard the conversation between her target and his disciple.

(Oh~ so they were slimy lizards. No wonder I felt like having a lizard soup. Oh well, let’s see what they are up to~)

The puff of smoke, Yuriko, followed behind the master and disciple pair to the basement, where a cauldron full of melted gold stood at the center.
As soon as the two men arrived at the basement, the smile on the old man’s face turned evil. It just showed how much of a facade his gentle demeanor that deceived Suiren was.

“Everything is prepared just as you instructed. All that’s left is Master’s expertise.”
“Good, good. Three years. We were stuck in this country for three years and the fruit of our labor is finally coming to the realization. Three years of working our tails off while disguised as humans just so we could be chosen as the royalty’s official alchemy goods supplier. I knew it would be a hard work proving the usefulness of my Disguise Potion to our war-driven brethren but the time has finally come… Once this poison infused golden armor is finished and sent to the spoiled little girl on the throne as our “thanks” for selecting our shop to be the official supplier, see how the faces of the old battle freaks will change. Hahaha…”
“Yes! I’m certain the way our brethren look at us, alchemist will change at last!”

The master and disciple were overjoyed.
They were certain their plan will succeed because they knew the secret of Weglana’s Queen.
One, very simple and plain secret. A secret that only her closest retainers knew.
And that is the Queen’s love for gold.

She, who just can’t abandon products made of gold will surely try on the luxurious breastplate the master and disciple are making.
She will die seconds after because of her greed. That was the three-year plan the master and disciple undertook.

“Let’s start.”
“Yes, Master!”

Yuriko watched as the two men filled the cauldron with various materials.

“Three Poison Mandragora roots, Minced Venomous Rats, Algae of Death, Wriggling Worms…”
“(A lizard head!)”
“Ghaaaaa! Ahhhh!”

Yuriko suddenly showed herself and forced the disciple’s head into the cauldron full of burning hot gold and poison.

“Noooo! Arghh!”

The master reached towards his disciple, Provu who was trying to get the gold off of his face but was burning his hands in the process.
What the master didn’t consider at the moment of panic was precisely the little girl that abruptly appeared and pushed his disciple’s face into the cauldron.


His hands which were reaching towards his disciple have been instantly severed.

“(Ahahaha~ look at his face of gold! Look at it! Priceless!)”

Yuriko laughed while hugging her belly.

“Ahhh… M, Master… Idhas…”
“P, Provu…!”

“(What a splendid show of love between a master and disciple! I’m moved~)”

Yuriko said while picking up the half-dead Provu from the ground.

“W, what are you…”

The master, Idhas was truly frightened.
It was just at this moment he noticed the appearances of the intruder. Idhas has never seen such frightening little girl in his long life.
However, what he was most frightened at the moment was his disciple under Yuriko’s arms.

“(Well, just watch. I heard hot baths are great for fatigue~)”
“Y, you can’t be… no! No, don’t!”

Realizing Yuriko’s intentions, Idhas ignored the pain from his severed arms and rushed forward. Although Provu was nearly dead, he was certain that he could save him with his alchemy.
However, before he could reach Yuriko,

“(Oopsy daisy, my hands slipped.)”

Yuriko threw the lifeless Provu straight into the cauldron.



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