Silver Death – Chapter 18


Deep inside a certain forest, a stalker stalks her prey that isn’t aware of its imminent end.

“Excuse me, Master.”

Suiren said as she wiped the stalker’s drool from her mouth.
The stalker was unfazed by her actions as if she was already used to them.

{Umm, Master Stalker… you won’t catch the boar just by stalking it.}
(Psssh, don’t disturb Master Stalker at work.)

The stalker suddenly started to move, each of her steps were slow and careful, bringing her closer to her prey.
Her prey, the giant boar, still unaware that it’s being stalked by a deadly predator, was enjoying the fresh water from the beautiful creek.

The stalker moved until the last possible bush. The moment she moves out from there, she will be in the plain sight. The stalker had only one choice… to charge at the boar.
Thus, the stalker moved her hand closer to her waist, she needed her trusty companion, her knife The Fleshseeker, more than ever.


Only then the stalker recalled that she isn’t a stalker, but a girl with no knife.

{Big Sis, you got absorbed so much into role-playing stalker you forgot that you aren’t one… how cute.}
(Don’t worry Big Sis, you can just zap it to death with your magic~!)

What Yuriko suggested wasn’t that bad of an idea. In fact, it was the best and also the only option Yuri really has.
However, what her sisters didn’t know is that Yuri didn’t give up on being a stalker yet.


They were really stupified when Yuri carefully snapped off a branch of the bush and took a knife stance she must have seen in some kind of a movie.

“Master, what are you…?”

Even Suiren was puzzled by Yuri’s actions, but she asked too late to hear a reply as Yuri had already jumped from the bush and rushed towards the boar.
Thankfully, her little feet and low weight weren’t making more noise than the flow of the creek’s water, allowing her to get up close to the boar and even spring towards the boar’s buttocks.

Yuri, now in the air, swung her arm with the branch tightly grasped in her palm and stabbed it right into the boar’s massive bum.


The boar cried and thrashed its massive body up and down with Yuri still hanging from its butt.


Suiren cried in distress.
But, that only caused the frightened boar to notice another dangerous presence, causing it to thrash so hard, it shook Yuri off. Feeling the weight on its butt disappear, the boar started escaping.

“… Tch.”

Yuri collected herself from the ground and chased after the boar. She’s not letting that bacon get away.


And thus, the epic chase of a boar, little girl, and a maid started.
The boar was so startled and confused by the surprise attack that it didn’t even consider turning around and charging at Yuri, which would most likely yield better results.

The chase continued for a while and took the participants further to the north.


Somewhere in the north Weglana, a luxurious carriage was speeding through a forest.
A woman of about twenty years and a man in his late twenties were having a serious conversation inside the carriage.

“Don’t worry Princess, we will soon arrive at the Capital.”
“How can I not be worried? I have shamelessly left my people to die in order to save my life!”
“It’s not your fault, Emilia! Those people voluntary sacrificed their lives for you, so you could escape and save their loved ones!”
“Besides, with the recent happenings in Walmyr-”

Before the man, Godfrey, could finish his sentence, there was a loud noise and the carriage abruptly stopped, hurling the woman, Emilia, into Godfrey’s chest.

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, what was that?”
“Let me check. Stay hidden in the carriage, alright?”

Gently pushing Emilia away, Godfrey left the carriage with a frown.

“Knight Commander! It’s an ambush, it’s the lizards!”
“What!? Protect the Princess with your lives!”

Although Godfrey was confident in his skills, he wasn’t expecting much of the farmer-soldiers that accompanied them as the guards of the princess.
Moreover, the princess herself was powerless. If someone or something went past him, it would most likely mean the princess’ end.

“Remember the training you have received! Don’t falter! Aren’t they just stupid lizards!?”
“”Y, yeah!””

Then, the one-sided battle began. The farmer-soldiers didn’t stand a chance against the robust and agile lizardmen and fell down one by one.

“Give it up, Knight. Hand over the woman and we may let you live.”
“Hah. As if. If you want to take the princess, then you will have to do so over my dead body!”

Godfrey shouted and charged into the group of lizardmen. He was fighting relentlessly, cutting one lizardman, then another.
However, the lizardmen had the numbers on Godfrey and slowly and carefully wore him down.

“Haah, haah…”
“What’s the matter, Knight? Are you giving up already?”
“Are you waiting for someone to save you? Good thing you were so smart to pick the longer, but safer forest route.”

The lizardmen mocked Godfrey who was trying calm his breath.

“You lizard bastards, I won’t allow you near the princess!”
“Oh, really? How will you do-”

All of sudden, a wild boar charged from the bushes straight at the lizardmen and stomped a few under its feet before disappearing into the forest again.
Then, a silver-haired little girl appeared from the same direction the boar did.

“… Where?”

She said as she searched for the boar, however, she wasn’t able to find it. Instead, she was greeted by a bunch of stupified lizardmen and an out-of-breath, worn-out human and a horrible stench of blood.


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