Silver Death – Chapter 28

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“That… Oracle, are you sure this is going to work?”

Prince Nakai inquired in blank amazement after hearing Oracle’s plan she came up with from the vision.
He just couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Don’t worry, Prince Nakai. A vision like that can’t be easily averted.”
“But… just why?”
“Humans, Prince Nakai. They seem to choose their partners based on an emotion they call love.”
“Love? What is that supposed to be?”

Asked Prince Nakai in disbelief.

“Contrary to us, humans seem to choose a mate, one for the rest of their lives most of the time, based on a feeling that makes their heart flutter.”
“Makes their heart flutter? Is that some sort of illness? No, forget it… their entire race is ill. That’s why we conquering them in the first place.”

To choose their partners based on emotions instead of going for the strongest and healthiest individuals… Prince Nakai muttered in disbelief.

After a short while of silence, he asked Oracle.

“When do we set the plan in motion?”
“Right away.”

Oracle replied immediately.

“They will be assaulting our rear right about now-”

Oracle added, but before she could finish her sentence, the sound of explosions resounded from the outside.

“Oracle… say that earlier! Gather the troops, we are going to catch us a human!”

Once Prince Nakai left and Oracle was the only one left in the room, her lizard countenances slowly dissolved, exposing a human-like, dark-skinned beauty with sharp, pointy ears and golden eyes.

“General Freya… I have accomplished your orders… may I return to your side now?”

She asked while holding a small crystal in her hands.

“My beloved Mars, you have done well. You have my permission to return.”

The crystal lit up and a clear, female voice resounded from it.

“Thank you, General!”

Oracle, now known as Mars, brought the crystal close to her chest with a slight blush on her cheeks, an obvious happiness oozing from her entire being.
The next moment, her figure vanished into thin air.


“Burn everything to the ground! Destroy everything! Wreak havoc!”

After Yuri’s group successfully infiltrated the encampment, they stealthily killed the guards and secured the alarm gong before destroying and killing everything in their path. Thanks to the group’s combined strength and the lizard’s focus on the front, Yuri’s group easily overpowered the lizard forces. However, everyone in the group is aware that this advantage won’t last for a long time once the reinforcements arrive, therefore, they went all out right from the beginning, trying to cause as much damage as they could and attract as many lizardmen as possible.

“{We are withdrawing!}”

Once Yurin registered a huge group of reinforcements larger than what her group could deal with, she gave the order to retreat.

“Tch. Already getting cold feet? This is nothing we, the Knights, can’t deal with!”

Knight Commander Godfrey and his group of Knights ignored Yurin’s command and prepared for battle.
Once all of the adventurers gathered at Yurin’s side, she noticed the insubordination of the Knights.

“{Those idiots!}”

Yurin shouted and ran towards the Knights who already engaged in battle.
She dashed in the midst of the conflict, slashing and burning lizards with a sword she formed out of the lightning, blood splattering all over her clothes.

Before long, the Knights who were initially struggling felt the pressure lessening until they noticed that they didn’t have any more lizards to kill.


One of the Knights let out a weak chuckle as he looked at the mountain of disemboweled lizards at Yurin’s feet.

“{Are you going to listen to my commands and retreat now?}”

Yurin asked in a flat tone. She has obviously had enough of these Knights’ shenanigans.

Godfrey gritted his teeth and started walking away. The rest of the Knights followed him one by one.
However, right at that moment,

“Oh my, leaving already? Knight Commander?”

A ridiculing voice resounded from a distance.
Godfrey who heard the sudden voice froze in place, his body trembling.


He said through gritted teeth as he turned around.
What he saw was a lizardman in a black armor. The same lizard and armor he lost his honor to. One of the Lizardmen generals and sons of Khan Scalesia, Prince Nakai.

“What, Knight Commander. Are you going to run with tail between your legs again? Are you going to sacrifice your whole squadron just so you could escape like before? Or perhaps… are you going to fight me properly this time?”

Prince Nakai said in ridicule. It was quite obvious that he was trying to provoke Godfrey, and yet-


Godfrey shouted and charged towards Nakai without a second thought.

“Follow Knight Commander!”

Seeing their Commander charging towards the enemy, the rest of the Knights followed after him.
However, instead of fighting, Prince Nakai’s gaze fell onto Yuri, he grinned and started running away, deeper into the encampment.

“{Stupid, foolish, idiotic, dumb lunatics!}”

Yurin yelled in disbelief.

“{How can anyone be this stupid!?}”
“Big Sis, that was Prince Nakai, the one whom Godfrey lost his honor to.”
“{What is honor good for anyway? Can you eat it!? Stupid fucks!}”
“… Are we going after them?”
“{Forget them, we are withdrawing!}”

Yurin was seeping with anger.
One of the things Yurin hates the most is insubordination.

(My, my~ chill out, Granny~)
{Since they are courting Death, I will let them succeed! … Who are you calling Granny!?}
(There~ there~ don’t be so angry, Wrinkles… Fate has more in store for Knight Commander, don’t you worry about that… hehe…)
{That so? Let’s enjoy the show then… I just hope it won’t sully Big Sis’ mood though.}

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