Silver Death – Chapter 3


Yuri planned to stay awake for a little longer and try to grasp her situation better, but she couldn’t win against the sleepiness assaulting her.
Thus, completely ignoring her new companion, she fell asleep.

Suiren, Yuri’s new slave, seeing Yuri defenselessly fell asleep also dozed off while standing above her.

But, roughly ten minutes after Suiren fell asleep, Yuri opened her eyes again.

“{We are finally back home.}”
“{Quiet. Don’t wake the girl up.}”
“(It can’t be helped~ But, was it really necessary to go like that? Big Sis’ body was burned to crisp, ya know?)”
“{Isn’t that why she has a new, better one? Human bodies are and always have been too frail.}”
“(That’s indeed true~ But, ya know~?)”
“{Yeah, I don’t.}”
“(Why are we talking out loud anyway? It’s strange how the same voice overlaps, right~?)”
“{Oh, right}”

Immediately after Yuri opened her eyes, she started talking to herself.
No, even Bai Lan whom Yuri met just today would notice that either voice doesn’t fit Yuri’s personality.

Yuri, or at least her body stood up and faced Suiren.

(Hmmm~ do sleeping spells work on androids again? I wouldn’t want her to suddenly wake up and get in the way of my fun~)
{She’s made from organic materials, so it should? Anyhow, what fun are you talking about- No, you can’t.}
(C’mon~ at least one~)
{No. Not yet. It’s still too early.}

Yuri extended her hand and touched Suiren’s forehead.
She first had to stand up on the bed though, as she couldn’t reach that high.

(Seriously. What’s with those balloons? Even though she’s just a stupid android~)

One of the entities complained while weighing Suiren’s weapons.

{Stop playing around. Let’s go.}

All of sudden, Yuri’s body disappeared in a puff of smoke.

(Where are we going~)
{The throne room.}
(Why~? Let’s do something more fun~ like taking a look at what the peeps are going to do with their new friends~)
{You understand that Big Sis can’t afford to play around yet, right? If you do, prepare to do something useful first.}

Before long, the puff of smoke arrived in the throne room.

“…… only saving grace.”
“I understand, Your Majesty. As per your orders, I have notified the best of our military. Two of them are already here, the last one should arrive tomorrow in the morning.”

When the puff of smoke arrived in the throne room, the King and the High Priest were in the middle of a conversation.

{Oh, it looks like we arrived in time.}

“Good. Who’s the last one to arrive? Is it Layla?”
“No, Your Majesty… Lady Layla arrived yesterday…”
“What!? She didn’t even come to see us…”

The King sighed in defeat.

“What do you think, Jonathan. How are our Heroes?”
“They seem like a fine specimen, Your Majesty. I could sense a tremendous amount of magical power flowing through their bodies. However…”
“There appears to be a dud.”
“A dud? Are you sure?”
“Yes, Your Majesty. How would you like me to deal with it?”
“Dispose of it.”
“I shall obey.”

The priest bowed and left the throne room.

“A dud, huh. We can’t afford to feed another useless mouth. But that will soon change… ku, hahaha!”

The King burst in laughter immediately after he found himself alone.

(What a crazy fatso~)
{Looks like our heroes are being lied to. I wonder how are they going to deal with the situation once they find out.}
(Too bad we are not going to tell them~ Right~?)
{Hehe… let’s get out of here.}

The puff of smoke disappeared from the throne room and materialized back in the corridor with the heroes’ rooms.
Yuri walked through the corridor and listened to the not-so-quiet night life of the heroes.
Noises of pleasure, fright, cries of pain, begging to stop, all kinds of different sounds drifted to Yuri’s ears.

{I’m glad Big Sis is already asleep.}

However, she suddenly stopped in front of one room.

“Ah! Ouch! P, please don’t hurt me anymore…”
“Shut up! You are my slave now! You will do whatever I told you! Now get those clothes off!”
“Uuu… yes…”

(Yaa~ What a poor girl~ She gonna get it handed to her~)
{Let’s go, nothing important to see here.}

“Mmm, you actually have quite a nice body. You must have been favorite of those who were feeding you, right? But, too bad you are not as good as that chick, what was her name? Ah, was it Bai Lan? Yep, that girl. Just wait till I get my hands on her. I will have her ‘help you,’ later. If you survive the night that is. Hahaha…”

{… Didn’t you say that you want to play for a bit?}
(I did~! Here! It was me! I said that~!)
{Be my guest then.}

Knock, knock, knock.
Yuri knocks on the door.

“Who is it!”
“(Room service~)”
“We need no room service! Go away!”
“(Oh Great Hero~ you are not interested in my s.e.r.v.i.c.e? I’m going to find someone else then~)”
“… Wait!”

A man in underwear opened the door in a rush.

“Aren’t you too young to be giving that kind of service?”

The man asked suspiciously.

“Not that I mind, though.”

He added.

“(Yaa~ Things go differently in our world, ya see~ For example, little girls like me can do things like this!)”

All of sudden, Yuri’s hand pierced through the man’s belly.
She slowly extracted her bloodied hand under the bewildered man’s gaze.

“… How… why…”
“(Like this! And because of that~!)”

She swept the man off his feet, grabbed him by the hair and dragged him into the room, where the scared girl was watching with hopeful eyes.

“(Oh crap. I totally forgot about you. Can’t be helped~)”

Yuri grabbed the girl and mercilessly twisted her neck.

“(At a bad time in a bad place, I guess? Now then, I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of tools these rooms are equipped with~)”


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