Silver Death – Chapter 32

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The severed head of Thomas Alfred dropped into the snow, a surprised expression still on its face.

{This girl… really…}
(What!? What did I do!?)
… Hnn.
{We could at least… you know? Find out what they are up to before decapitating their leader…}
(Oh… it would be some shitty cliché thing anyway~ like, with the mythical item in the wolf’s den, we will be able to rule the world, gahaha~ or something. Anyhow, it’s ours now~)
… Stupid.

“… You, you killed Prince Thomas! Avenge the prince!”
“K, kill her!”

After watching the head being drained of blood and dyeing the snow red, the soldiers finally recovered from the shock and rushed at Yuriko.

Yuriko dodged the charging soldiers and slashed at the last soldier she dodged and cut off his arm, making blood spray into the air. She then caught the severed arm and shoved it straight through another soldier’s mouth. She kicked the dying soldier in the back, crushing his spine in the process and sending him towards the next soldier. After he crashed into the next soldier and both of them fell to the ground, Yuriko jabbed her arm infused with lightning into the soldier’s heart.

“Gahhhh! Ahh…”

Just as Yuriko finished off the last melee fighter from the remaining soldiers, her gaze fell upon the archers in the back.

“M, monster…!”
“R, run, run away!”

The remaining soldiers started running after Yuriko’s ruthless display of strength. However, unfortunately for them, she had no intentions of letting the soldiers escape.

She extended her hand while mumbling some incomprehensible words.

“(I create what I speak, Lightning magic cannon of dimensional annihilation Mk.2!)”


A torrent of lightning rushed out of Yuriko’s hand and crashed into the escaping soldiers.
In a little while, all that was left were charred corpses and the scent of burning meat floating around the surroundings.

“(Human barbecue coming right up~ please, enjoy~)”

… Ugh.

Yuriko picked up a sword from the ground and turned towards the last surviving wolf.

“(Thank you for your hard work~)”

She rushed up to the injured wolf and pierced it with the sword, sending it to the afterlife.

… Fluffy.
{Big Sis… fluffy that want to kill you aren’t fluffy…}

“(Now then~ shall we look what’s inside?)”
“Master, there still might be lurking danger inside.”
“(Then, go in first.)”
“(What? Go in~ go in~)”
“O, ookay…”

Suiren who came over was immediately sent into the wolf’s den. She timidly walked inside, scanning the surroundings around her. She walked deeper and deeper until she arrived at the innermost part of the den.


She turned around, wanting to ask for instructions, but she didn’t find Yuriko standing behind her.
Scared out of her wits, she grabbed the thing she found and rushed outside.

“Master that was mean of you! Why didn’t you follow after me? I was really scared, you know!”
“(Gahaha~ I just went gathering the materials for my masterpiece.)”
“Materials? Masterpiece?”
“(Oh~ you will see later. Anyhow, what’chu found?)”
“Err… this…”

… Fluffy puppy!
{A wolf… no, a Fenrir pup?}

“(Oh, so it’s a Fenrir. No wonder they tried this hard to get it… so, do we cook it?)”
“It’s a Fenrir!? … What do you mean by cook it, Master! This could be of a great help to big Master! There’s no mount more suitable to be big Master’s mount than this!”
“(You are strangely energetic all of sudden… whatever, hold on it for now.)”
“How are we going to name it?”
“(Hmm… how about John Snow?)”
“This pup is a female, Master.”

Yurin forcefully took control of the body and gave her suggestion.

“(That’s too generic. There are not many people called John Snow in this world,  though! It’s a unique name!)”

Yuriko took the control back and argued.

“{What John Snow! Unique my ass! You know nothing about naming pups!}”
“(What the hell are you talking about! My naming sense is envied by all!)”
“{Stop this madness! She will be called Yuki!}”

Soon, the struggle over the Fenrir pup’s name started.

“(You little-)”
“… Lumi.”

However, just as it was about to escalate to something bigger, Yuri shut down the two sisters with a little smirk on her face.

“(Big Sis! That wasn’t fair of you, I was the first, so she should be called John Snow!)”
“… Lumi.”
“(Big Sis!)”
“… Too bad.”

Yuriko exploded.
However, after a while, she recalled that she still has a business to take care of and her mood improved.

“(Fine, Lumi it is. Moderate boobies, you wait here. Take a nap or something. Now, it’s show time~!)

Yuriko said such and resumed her work that Suiren disturbed her from doing.
She was gathering the corpses in one place.
Suiren felt a little bit tired, so she took up Yuriko’s offer and took a nap with the little pup in her bosom.


A few hours later.

“(People who find this place will have a blast!~)”

{They sure will…}

Proud of her work, Yuriko went to wake up Suiren.

“(Moderate boobies~ wake up~)”
“Yawn~ Ye, yes, Master. I’m awake…”

When the still half-asleep Suiren opened her eyes, what greeted her wasn’t a remains of a battlefield, but Yuriko’s ‘masterpiece.’ A tree covered by all kinds of human and wolf body parts.

“(How is that! You like it!?)”
“Eh…? Ahh!”
“Yeah! So, how is it? Do you like my Christmas tree!?)”
“Christmas? What is… Oh! That Christmas! Isn’t it too late for that though…?”
“(Yeah, but who cares!)”

Suiren looked at the Christmas tree.
She felt a weird sensation in the area around her abdomen as several errors started popping up in her software.

“Y, yeah… it’s wonderful… Are those guts?”
“(Oh! You have good eyes~ I went with red this year!)”
“This year? Then, do you change the color every year?)”
“(Of course! You should have seen the Christmas tree from three years ago! I used blue eyeballs that time… how nostalgic~)”

Yuriko observed her masterpiece for a while before deciding to leave to find another opportunities to show her skills off.

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