Silver Death – Chapter 6


After the lunch, when everyone finished eating, the King addressed the summoned heroes.

“Heroes, as some of you might already know, one of your fellow heroes have been found dead in his room this morning. Fortunately, we were able to identify and arrest the culprit.”
“You caught the criminal? Who was it?”
“As you might have noticed, two of the heroes are missing at the table. It’s regrettable, but the culprit was a man who was summoned together with you. His name is Carl Burns.”
“Carl? That British dude? He didn’t seem to be that kind of a person…”
“Yes, appearances are deceptive. He already confessed to the heinous crime he committed. We will deal with him according to our Kingdom’s laws. We hope you will support our decision.”

Those who didn’t know that something like that happened because they were indulging in the pleasantries of a different world had stunned expressions on their faces.
There were actually only three heroes who caught the whiff of such terrible event. Ben Cho who strictly wakes up early because of his daily routine, Bai Lan who was worried about Yuri and thus woke up earlier to help her get up, and Björn Lundqvist who volunteered to help to solve the case.

It’s not wrong to say that Björn has been acting strangely since then. The King’s people found him in the corner of his room muttering ‘Silver Death! Silver Death!’ over and over again.

{So he took the opportunity of the murder we did to get rid of the dud. How smart of him.}
(What a smart-ass fatso~)
… A dud?
{Yes, Big Sis. We were eavesdropping on his conversation with the priest yesterday. One of the heroes was apparently a dud. Meaning, he didn’t have any magical power and was completely useless. Thus, the King ordered the priest to get rid of him}
… I see.

“How do you plan on dealing with him?”
“You do not need to worry, we will not execute him nor make him a slave. He was summoned to this world by us. If we didn’t selfishly summon him, this tragedy might not have happened. We will put him in prison for a while and hope he will turn to good once again.”
“I thank you on his behalf for your leniency, Your Majesty. You are truly wise King.”
“We appreciate your praise.”

{He even turned the situation in his favor? He really is a manipulative jerk, isn’t he?}
(I don’t like him~ He smells really bad~)

“Now our Heroes. With this saddening matter behind us, we would like to hear your thoughts and answers regarding your stay in Eternia.”

The King finally switched the main subject.

“Although you unreasonably summoned me to this world, I understand that you did it for your people. Now that I’m here, I won’t just idly stay and watch fellow humans die. You can count on my help.”

Jenny Trump, a woman in her twenties said righteously.

“Count me in as well.”
“Me too.”

The heroes one after another agreed to help the Alasta Kingdom.
The King’s calculated previous speech swayed the Heroes’ thoughts in his favor.

{You can do as you please, Big Sis. Although we can teach you whatever you wish to know, it might be a good idea to stay here for a little longer.}
(Yeah! Let’s kill more heroes! I like killing heroes~)
{No, I didn’t mean it like that.}
(No one cares what you meant~ I care what Big Sis cares about. Namely myself~)
{Narcistic idiot.}
(Old hag.)
{Fuck you.}
(Come at me~! I will kick your ass to oblivion!)

Bai Lan looked at Yuri who nodded at her after a while of thinking and agreed to stay and help as well.

“That is great news! Since it’s like that, let us introduce you to the trainers we have personally selected for you!”

The King said with a big smile on his face.
Nobody knew that the King had no intention of letting anyone go. All of the Heroes are precious resources, after all. He wouldn’t risk other countries getting their hands on them.

“Someone! Let the trainers enter!”

The King clapped and shouted.

Soon, four people entered the dining hall.

“Trainers, introduce yourselves!”
“””Yes, Your Majesty!”””

A large, bald, burly man stepped forward first.

“My name is Wulf Neumann, I’m one of three Great Generals serving the Alasta Kingdom. I will train those who are suitable for hand-to-hand combat, weapons, and military strategy! Gahaha!”

(This guy is so fucking obnoxious~)

An old lady dressed in gray robes introduced herself after the loud man.

“Layla Loeb, I’m Alasta’s only Archmage. I will be training everyone whose power is suitable for long range magic attacks.”

(Ehh~ looks like you are stuck with saggy tits over there, Big Sis.)
{Indeed, that saggy tits lady will be most likely your trainer, Big Sis.}
… Saggy.
… Why?
{You will learn soon enough!}
(Yeah~ it’s a surprise not really surprise!)

Next, a blonde girl about the size of Yuri stepped forward.

“Melone. Archery, taming, spirits.”

“HAHAHA! You don’t have to be so shy Melone! These kids will be our future, you have to be strict with them! GAHAHA!”

The shining musclehead’s voice echoed around the dining hall.

… Too loud.
{So loud…}

And lastly, the old priest the Heroes met when summoned stepped forward.

“We have already met, but to those that might have forgotten, my name is Jonathan Lichtenberg. I will personally train all those whose power is directed towards healing or supporting others.”

“Now then, with the introductions done, we will now help you find your powers. Please, follow the trainers to the training grounds where they will teach you how to sense your powers. To increase your motivation, we will award 100 Gold to everyone who discovers their power by the end of the day!”
“Hm? Is 100 Gold a lot? What can you buy with 100 gold coins?”

Björn who recovered with the word ‘Gold’ asked curiously.
The King grinned at him and spoke.

“Hoho, our dear Hero. That one over there is your little slave, isn’t she? Wouldn’t you want ten more of them?”

A creepy smile appeared on Björn face.

“We wish that all of you will be able to discover your powers by the end of the day, do not disappoint us!”


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