Silver Death – Chapter 8


“Fufu… now that you children understand what ability is, we will teach you how to discover and use your own ability.”
“Yeah, finally!”
“Let’s do it!”

The ability exhibition finished, and the heroes got excited by Saggy Tits’ next words.
They are finally going to discover their powers which will allow them to become splendid heroes. Everyone is looking forward to finding what their powers are.

(Yeah, Saggy Tits! Let’s get that unlimited powah~!)
{Please no spoilers…}

“First, you will need yourselves to get comfortable as much as possible. If that means sitting, sit down. If that means lying, lay down.”

Eager to learn, the heroes do as told and each and every one finds their most comfortable posture.
For Yuri who hates sitting on the bare ground, that naturally meant in parking her butt on Bai Lan’s lap. As Bai Lan was sitting in a cross-legged posture, Yuri found her new seat very comfortable.

“Although the next step sounds very easy, it’s actually the most difficult step on which many people fail, causing them to never discover their ability. We call this step ‘Finding the Stream, ‘ and it entails searching for the stream of magical power within your body. Each type of ability is located in different part of the body. For example, the stream of my Fire and other elements is located around kidneys, Wulf’s Reinforcement stream is around his biceps. You need to locate the stream first. Once you find the stream, be sure to tell us. Your teachers will be decided on the location of the stream of magical power. After finding the stream, your teacher will teach you how to manifest your ability. Any questions?”

Saggy Tits finished her explanation and asked whether anyone has any questions.

“That sounds really easy, doesn’t it? How is it difficult?”
“Good question. The streams of the magical power of normal people are really small, making them extremely difficult to detect. And since the majority of Eternia’s population are like that, ‘normal’ that is, it’s called stream. However, in the case of you, the heroes, that stream won’t be just a tiny stream, but a raging river. That’s why King placed expectations on you guys to finish by today.”

Everyone nodded in consent. They have realized that for the people of Eternia, the things like luck, genes, and talent are most important when it comes to abilities.

“If there are no further questions, you may start Finding the Stream. I wish you good luck.”

But, before anyone could even start,

… Is that it?

Yuri asked while concentrating on the tingling feeling around her kidneys.

(So fast!)
{Eh! That can’t be, right…}

Even Yuriko and Yurin were flabbergasted by Yuri’s genius.
However, Yuri had more than just one question.

… Not a stream.

She said while tilting her head.
What Yuri actually felt was,

… Lightning?

That’s right, instead of a stream or raging river, what Yuri felt around her kidneys thunderous lightning. It was actually so strong it made her uncomfortable once she was conscious of it.

(That’s correct~ Congratulations, Big Sis! You are a lightning user~!)
{Well, it would be strange if you had a stream in your body. Being dead and all…}
… Dead.

Yuri was doubtful of her body’s condition. But Yurin’s words confirmed what she was thinking. She really did die in the Throne Room.
And now, she has’lightning’ within her body. What a twisted fate, Yuri thought.

At any rate, Yuri has successfully ‘found the stream’ so she decided to take a nap and pretend to be working hard in searching for her ability.



“I found it!”

About five hours later, someone found their stream at last.

“Oh~! This quick! Gahaha! You are the first! The first! Good job, young man! What is your name?”
“It’s Ben Cho.”
“Ben, huh! Now then, Ben. Where is it? Where is your stream located?”

Wulf looked at the Ben Cho, the ‘first’ Hero who found his stream of magical power with expectations.

“I can feel it pumping through my heart back and forth.”
“Tch! Old man, looks like you won today.”
“Haha~ Great! That’s great. Come to me, Ben. Having your stream located around your heart means that your ability is best suited for supporting others. However, since you are able to describe the flow of the stream in such detail, I’m sure it will be something special!”

Jonathan who was smiling from ear to ear beckoned Ben Cho and started teaching him how to manifest the power at once.

“I got it!”

Then, a little while later, one hero after another cheered in happiness because they were able to find their streams.

{We should wake Big Sis up.}
(Right~ I wouldn’t want her to end up last~ Big Sis, wake up~ If are you not going to wake up in 0.1s, I’m going to morning love you~)
{Oy! That’s not fair!}

In the end, Yuri opened her eyes due to Yurin’s and Yuriko’s bickering.
Looking up, she found out that Bai Lan was affectionally watching her.
She has actually finished searching for her stream quite a long ago, but she didn’t want to disturb Yuri’s ‘search’.

“Are you done?”

Yuri nodded and slowly got up from Bai Lan’s lap.
Bai Lan followed after her.

“Are you girls done?”

Saggy Tits asked with a smile on her face.

“Yes, I have been able to find my stream.”

Bai Lan answered and Yuri nodded in affirmation.

“That’s great. Where are your streams located?”
“Mine’s around the stomach.”
“Stomach? That’s rare. Then, you shall go with Melone. She will be your teacher from now on.”

Finishing talking with Bai Lan, Saggy Tits turned towards Yuri.

“How about you?”

Yuri truthfully pointed at her kidneys.

“Are you mute? Well, it doesn’t matter whether a hero can talk or not. A hero is a hero after all. Where are you pointing at? Kidneys?”

Yuri nodded.

“Really? Good, very good. Finally someone whom I can teach. Don’t worry, Little Rabbit. I will take a very good care of you.”


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