Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 10

Four People Tea Party


Being surrounded by Bernard boy’s followers would be unpleasant, so it’s just us four.
The boy is quiet.
Well, yeah. You don’t know when Giselle-chan will slap him again after all.

「Letty, it is your first time in a place like this, right?」
「Yes, it is my first time. I am always in the territory, and parents normally do not bring me along」

I have come this time because of Oniisama’s social debut.
If I, the little sister were missing, it would create some strange rumors.

「It is your first time too, right?」
「I’m Letty Ojousama’s attendant…… supervisor」
「Hey Theo」
「Attendant? So that is why you are so strong」
「Although I’m a noble, it has been decided that I will be serving Letty Ojousama」

Nono. That has not been decided yet, Theo.
I heard Theo has the final say in the matter, but I think I know how he feels about it.

「You two usually attend things like this?」
「That’s only given! I’m a person from a Duke’s House after all!」
「Because there are parent’s faces involved……」

I don’t care about Bernard boy who shouts loudly next to me. It doesn’t look like Giselle-chan is too enthusiastic about this.
Un, Giselle-chan certainly has a different atmosphere around her than the other girls. Giselle-chan doesn’t seem to be interested in dressing up.
Not like her appearances are no good, but it looks like she doesn’t want to be too flashy.
I also don’t like being flashy too much.
Which reminds me, Bernard boy is a Duke’s family member! is what he said, but I wonder what about Giselle-chan?
Is it okay to ask!? I will know eventually? Well, it’s not something too interesting.

「This is bad~ I will return to the territory when the season ends」
「Ara, then what about the school?」
「Uun…… Oniisama is there, huh……」

Yes, Tristan Oniisama. When I say so, Giselle-chan draws near me with ‘Really!?’

「U, un…… Y, you know Oniisama?」
「No! No such thing! However, I have heard plenty wonderful stories about Oniisama!!」

O, Oniisama~! Just what kind of stories are they~!!
Curious, I timidly ask about the stories.
Then, Bernard boy breathes through his nose, you don’t know!? He raises his voice.
I don’t know!
Oniisama is not returning to the territory. Even though I don’t like it, I got involved in His Highness plot so what about these people? Therefore, I asked to find out just in case.
Then, the two people showered Theo and me with Oniisama wonderful deeds…… mischief? No, they definitely were mischiefs.
I heard stories about Oniisama’s shenanigans.
Umm, Oniisama, seriously, what are you doing?
Umm, I may be that brother’s younger sister, but I’m normal okay!!
In all honesty, I couldn’t tell the tea’s taste after listening to the stories about Oniisama.
Theo apparently feels the same.
Somehow, a lot of time has passed.
I have made a promise with Giselle-chan to send letters. With Bernard boy too, more or less.
Friends, I don’t know if we could be considered that yet, though.
It would be nice if we could become friends, I thought.


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