Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 11

Oniisama's True Character


I who heard that the social season is coming to an end and we will be returning to the territory soon was in a great mood.
I had the opportunity to see Giselle-chan a few times after that, and we became good friends.
Bernard boy is same as usual although I think he became a tsun.
The point of that tsun is mostly directed at Giselle-chan. But, Giselle-chan ignores that. And splendidly at that. Her ignoring skill is sugoi!
And Bernard boy who gets ignored is getting comforted by Theo. No, it’s not comforting, rather it’s teasing.
When Theo pokes at Bernard boy, he gets better.
Then, that.
Right now! I’m! Alone with Oniisama!
Oniisama elegantly drinks tea, going home~? He asks. Oh my, so scary. I shiver in fear.
If seen by other people the will definitely think that Oniisama is a good brother.
When I became me, Oniisama was already attending the school in Royal Capital. Because Oniisama is prioritizing his studies, he is not returning for long holidays, so this was the first time I have met him.
I have memories of throwing a tantrum when Oniisama was leaving to the school when he was thirteen.
I have loved Oniisama. But now, if I were to speak about it.
I love him, but I can’t somehow say it with a straight face.
Yes, the former me thought that Oniisama was dreamy, strong, cool-like existence. That sort of……. terrible glorification.
But, right now.
Oniisama, I think he’s cool a bit, but somehow, you know?
Right, it’s as if I saw dark things I shouldn’t have seen. It’s such feeling.

「Well, you will soon return to live here after you return home」
「Eh? you say…… Letty will attend the school here, right?」

Oniisama explains to me who is blinking in ignorance.
What is this, the story somehow advanced without me knowing.
I have a feeling that this is Okaasama’s and Otousama’s doing!!

「I mean, if that weren’t the case you wouldn’t attend that tea party……」

Oniisama suddenly mutters something.
What is it? When I ask, he just laughs saying it’s nothing.

「When Letty comes here, we will be senpai and kouhai」
「We will live together only for a year. But that is enough to teach others that you are my little sister」
「Don’t worry. You will be protected, by me」
「Eh, no, you do not have to protect me…… Theo will be with me?」
「Haa? When Oniisama tells you that he will protect you, you should smile with happniess」
「N, no! B, because I can not help it, but think that having Oniisama protect me definitely comes with some ulterior motive!」

I won’t get deceived.
I will absolutely not get deceived.
And above all, I won’t yield to Oniisama!!
I can only think that in my mind, though.

「…… Letty, I will forgive your defiant attitude towards me because it’s amusing, however」

Oniisama stands up and crosses the table. He grasps my chin and brings his face to point-blank range.
A beautiful face is near, however.

「If you go too far Oniisama will get angry?」

This is.
This person is.
Who on Earth are you?
I always thought that Oniisama is wearing a mask.
That’s the same for Otousama and Okaasama, though. His Highness too. And me too.
However, I feel like that mask came off just now.
Really crude, hooligan-like!
Ah~ so trouble some, he reseats himself.
This is definitely a disposition of tyrant. Going against it is dangerous.

「That, you are Oniisama right?」
「That’s right? Kawaii imouto」

Niyaa, it matches too well.
Not good~! Not good~!! This Oniisama is not good~!!
Rather than Oniisama, this damn excuse of aniki type of Oniisama is bad~!!

「…… Right now, I am so dispirited I am trembling」
「What is it. Just quickly say it」
「I sense a presence that transcended a hooligan from my Oniisama」
「It’s okay, I don’t think about doing anything harmful to you. Just teasing and playing with you a bit」
「Your personality is bad!」

Such words of praise, Oniisama smiles. He seems to be having fun.
Okaasama would faint if she saw that smile.
I also seem to be swooning.
I’m properly concealing it, so parents don’t see it. He nonchalantly says that I’m the only one who knows.
That’s so, isn’t it? I better be careful, so Oniisama doesn’t become the crude Oniisama.
Mainly for my sake.


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