Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 13

Quill Pen and Pitfall


I have decided to attend the school in the capital.
After that, it was really hecticーーnot.
It’s as usual!
A lesson in the morning. Etiquette and in the afternoon and free magic after that.

「I thought I could immense in studies because Theo would be inciting」
「I won’t do something so difficult」
「It’s because Letty wants to go to the same school as Tristan-sama, right?」

Most likely, a background. The behavior. Basic academy skills.
I say that these areas shouldn’t be a problem.
In other words, I am not threatened!!

「If you are to have a problem……」
「W, what……」
「It’s the interview」
「That is a piece of cake」

Theo looks at me with a lukewarm gaze.
W, what~!
If you have something to say then, say it!!

「Letty, you occasionally say some weird things after all. You will have a problem if that happens」
「Weird things?」

What’s with that? Give me an example.

「Things like extreme geh~ or tehepero」

That is a reflex. It can’t be helped because it comes from my former life’s memories.
If I don’t say something weird I won’t have a problem, yes.

「There is more!?」
「Incidents caused by going too far with magic」
「I will be careful~」
「Letty’s ideas are erratic. Shirin sensei may say that they are fascinating, to me, I can’t help but wonder what you are talking about」

He’s accustomed to it now, Theo from the past feels somewhat nostalgic.
Indeed, it might have looked strange at first…… I shall be careful.

「Then, Theo. I will open the door right now and ara, how curious, the capital has been connected to our house~ magic will unfold. Ah, yes」

What is she saying, this fellow.
He’s making such! Face!

「When you open the door, there is the capital」
「Then, a neighboring town?」
「When you open the door, it’s the corridor, right? The outside, right? Why would there be a different place when you open the door……」

Yes. I found out that I can’t imagine it well enough.
Uun, but I want to comlete this magic.
Anywhere! I won’t say that. Here and there! Two fixed places are fine with me.
I feel that the image is done, but…… I have no idea how to connect the two places.
Would an image of movement be better in this case?

「Theo, lend me a hand, right, like this」

We join hands to make a circle.
What are you doing, he looks at me with a wondering face. I like it when Theo makes such face.
Putting that aside.
I take the nearby quill pen.
Even if this gets broken by something, it will be alright. I will make it alright.
I concentrate my mind on magical power while hodling the pen in hand.
This quill pen, on top of Theo’s hand, suddenly――Pei!
The quill pen floats a bit. However, it just falls back in my hand.

「…… May I ask what kind of magic are you trying to do?」
「Be silent! My concentration will snap!」

Uun, if you want to fall, fall in Theo’s hand.
Right, there is a pitfall. If it falls into this hole, it will fall into Theo’s hand.
The pitfall is coiled in a long distance.
Ah, somehow, so fun!
The moment I thought so, the quill pen floats again and Poto falls on my hand――not.


It has vanished.
Eeh~!! Where is it~!!
While restlessly looking around, potori.
The quill pen appears in Theo’s hand after some time.

「Ah, it appeared!」
「Letty, explain」
「Ah, un」

I tell him that I tried with the quill pen if I can transfer objects.
When I said so, Theo hands his head and covers one of his eyes with his hand.
What, did I do it again?

「This is absolutely necessary to talk about with Shirin sensei, huh」
「Eeh~ I mean, such little movement, can’t you do it too?」
「No, not possible」
「Magic like this doesn’t exist」
「Haa. Did I perhaps?」
「Yes, you did it」

Un, when I think of new magic and practice it, Theo is my only partner.
Theo is saying that he never heard of magic like this before.
There exists a movement magic. For example, load a cart and move it with magic.
In other words, the dynamic force is supplemented by magic.
But, this is not it.
An unmoving object has been moved.
The route of the movement. There is none.
Theo says that the only route of movement is the end of the pitfall.

「Letty, in your words, if the route isn’t coiled, but straight it will come out even quicker」
「Yes, that is right. But, that is not fun」

Is that your criterion? Theo sighs.
Apparently, I’m wasting my magic by putting too much emphasis on fun.
It’s Theo’s job to cut down on that.


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