Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 14

Entrance Exam


The seasons quickly went around, and Theo and I arrived at the capital once again.
It’s slightly cold.
However, after all, at any rate.
Traveling by carriage is hard. My butt hurts. I thought again after opening the door of the carriage, the completion of that magic is urgent.
After that, I made a slight progress with that magic. I could move only quill pen at the beginning, but I’m now able to move objects as big and heavy as my box.
The distance has also increased, but only to the places I was before. It might be better to have a place where I often spend time.
In other words, I’m able to transfer to the kitchen, get sweets and return back to my room.
But, it’s impossible unless I can confirm the object of the transfer by sight. While staying in the room, transfer the snacks from the kitchen here! I can’t do that.
I think that being able to do that would be the best, though. I need to practice more.

「Letty, are you prepared?」
「Un. I am okay. Umm, practical skill and interview, right?」
「That’s right. Be careful not to say something strange during the interview……」
「I know already…… I won’t talk about magic. I will copy everyone’s magic during the practical skill」

You better do that, Theo nods.
Okay, okay, I know. I won’t stand out.
I tell Theo again, again, and again.
The detailed instructions, I have remembered them properly. I did, probably.
The exam is a practical skill and the interview.
The written exam has already ended. It was sent out in advance.
Eh~ wouldn’t you normally cheat doing the exam in your own room? Is what I thought, but it’s apparently not possible to do during this test.
That’s what I heard from Shirin sensei after the written exam. Magic sure is convenient.
It seems to be a type of time magic. I don’t know how it works, but I think it surely must be something amazing.
If you can do the written test, the door is more or less open to you.
It seems to be the primary selection. I do not know how, but people who cheat won’t get through the test. Apparently, I wouldn’t be even invited here today if I didn’t pass the test.
Well, that’s only natural. The score does not decide everything, but it’s one of the main guidelines.
The place the exam is held is naturally the school itself.
The Royal school seems to be divided into various departments.
Although I’m saying that, that’s on the way. Everyone learns the same thing for the first two years.
You decide what to do after that.
For example, if you pursue knowledge you enter the Education department, if you are interested in magic you enter the Magic department, if you are concerned about the government you enter the Government Affairs department.
There also seems to be some marriage preparation-like department, but I think the Magic department was made just for me.
But, I have to pass first.
Theo’s and my examinee numbers are apart, so we each enter different rooms.
I curtsey and enter the room. Everyone is restless. Rather, I found out why we were separated.
This is gender separated!

「Ah, Giselle-chan. Long time no see!」

I turn towards the restless voice that called out to me.
Giselle-chan was there. Right, this is the entrance examination!
Having a friend here, I feel somewhat relieved.

「That means, Theo-kun is here too?」
「Un, we have come for the examination」
「He is with Bell then」
「Ah, as expected」

Yeah, Giselle-chan nods.
Giselle-chan and Bernard boy――he’s called Bell recently, though.
The territories of these two are bordering with capital so they apparently regularly live in the capital.
There are many opportunities to meet, and then there is also the school.

「He reminded me that I have to absolutely pass, I won’t fail. Rather, isn’t Bell the one that is going to fail?」

Giselle-chan is sharp towards Bell like always!


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