Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 15

Practical Exam


I was called after a while of waiting. It seems the practical examination will be held now, I wanted to be together with Giselle-chan.
The moment I entered the room, I felt somewhat uneasy.
When I restlessly look around, there were many girls of similar age around me.
Then we were told to take a seat. The seats were ordered by the examinee number.
There are ten of us in the room. It seems we will be later called to another room.
In other words, this.
I won’t be able to copy other people’s skills at this rate!
Th, Theo~!!! What do I do, Theo~!!!
I was called while not knowing what to do.
Which reminds me that the girl who was called before hasn’t returned. Was she sent to another separate room?
When I enter the test room, there are three examiners.
I curtsy and say please treat me well.

「Are you Leticia-san?」
「Yes, I am Leticia Aria de Viver」
「Good, well then, please show us some magic」
「Some, meaning that anything is good?」

That is the biggest problem!
Transfer magic is out. Theo told me not to use it.
Flying, Otousama, and Oniisama told me not to use it in public.
I don’t have roses for the rose whip! This is also an original magic, to begin with, so it is probably also not alright!
I am flustered about what to show.

「Are you not able to use magic?」
「No! No, that is not the case, I can do various magic! It is just……」
「It’s just?」
「That, I…… I was told that the magic I use is erratic and I can not think of magic that would not hit that area……」

At my words, the examiners exchange glances.
Uu, they must be thinking about what the hell am I talking about!

「Can you light up a flame?」
「Ah, yes」
「Then, to that」
「I have done it」

This must surely be okay! I light up a flame on my palm in excitement.
It’s a fist size flame. Fire! I think it will fire them up, un.
However, the examiner-sans look at me with a startle.
The hell is this, did I do it…… did I do it?
I can read the mood of that extent.
I put out the flame from my palm and ask if that was enough.
Then, the examiners look at each other and nod. It seems this was enough for the practical exam.
From the looks of it, I won’t fail.

「Then, I will guide you to another room. The interview will be held there」
「Yes, thank you very much」

I bow and then I’m lead to another room.
Now then, the interview is next!
I’m sorry, Theo. I probably already did it in the practical exam!!
I think I will keep it secret that they were startled.


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