Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 16



After the practical exam, I was guided to another room.
A one on one interview. The opponent is Ojiichan. Ojiichan may sound impolite, but Ojiichan is the only thing that suits him.
A gentle-looking person with a long white beard.

「I am Leticia Aria de Vivier. Pleased to meet you」
「Yes. Then, could you tell me a bit about yourself?」
「About me……」

That’s right, he nods.
I think there are many things I could tell about myself. But, all of them are embarrassing.
I can only get embarrassed now.

「Then, my…… I will talk about the things and activities I love. Is there a time restriction?」
「Umu, I shall stop you」

Well then, I sit back.
The things I love and love doing.
Of course, I love my family.
I love delicious food and fun things.
I love it when my heart dances.

「Recently, devoting myself to studying magic made it place among those things I love」

Thinking about the magic that no one has done before.
This might be magic only I can use right now, but before long, everyone will be able to use it too.

「Devoting myself to studying may sound somewhat, yes, self-important, but. In other words, it would be nice if I could do it like that, I love imagining it」
「Houhou. Then, what have you imagined?」
「…… Flying in the sky, for example」

Although I can already do that! It’s something I still can’t talk about.
Ojiichan listening to me with interest is enough for me.

「Then, lastly, what would you like to do in this school?」
「I would not know unless I enter」
「Why is that?」
「It is because I do not know what I am able to do at the school yet. Therefore, I do not know」

I see, he laughs in a good mood, well said.
Does the interview end with this~?

「Well then, we will notify you of the results in the future. That’s enough for today」
「Yes, thank you very much」

I bow and leave the room.
When I return to the first room, there were still a lot of people. It looks like there will be some explanation later.
Giselle-chan also returned, how was it? When I ask, she told me no problem.
Her smile was full of confidence, I don’t think Giselle-chan and I will fail.
After a while, everyone has apparently gathered.
The results will be sent after two weeks. There will be explanatory meeting for those who passed, so there’s also a schedule for that.
At that time, bring a guardian along, they said.
And dismissal.

「Letty, do you have time after this?」
「I think it will be okay if I notify the house」
「Is that so, then, won’t you come to play to my house? Of course, together with Theo-kun」

Giselle-chan also said it would be nice if I were permitted to stay overnight.
Because we have met after a long while, I would like to chat some more, so I naturally nodded.
As for the permission, it will be probably okay.
It seems that Giselle-chan’s house is intimate with ours.
That should be because Giselle-chan is also from one of the Great Duke houses. Incidentally, Bell too.
I inform the Butler that came to pick me up that I am going to Giselle-chan’s house and that I would also like to stay a night.
The final permission will come from Giselle-chan’s house.
Theo who also finished joins up with us. When I tell Theo that we are going, Bell who was next said he’s going too, but well, that was expected.


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