Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 17

Everyone's Respective Exam


A while after intruding to Giselle-chan’s home. Because my overnight stay has been Okayed, I have brought a staying set.
When it was allowed for me, it was also naturally for Theo. Bell got rejected for staying overnight.

「Why am I the only one being left out……」
「I think it’s inevitable because of the circumstances of our Houses」
「Damn it……」
「In the first place, Bell, are you not always playing with Giselle-chan!」
「It’s not like we always play together!」

Eh~ but you frequently meet because we live close to each other.
It’s like that, but Bell seems to be dissatisfied.
Is Theo angry about something? I thought so, but I immediately remembered the reason.
Speaking of Bell, frankly, he’s not the type that would voluntarily come to play. Our first meeting was like that, and his first impression was the worst. That had recently disappeared, but it wasn’t forgotten.
Because of that, Giselle-chan is slightly cold towards Bell. There’s also that.
That, un. I thought so before, but Bell is definitely in love with Giselle-chan~!!
Theo calls out to me when I’m deep in thoughts while grinning.
Oopsy, it appeared on my face~!
But, Giselle-chan may already know as much as Theo.
When I turn around.

「I know what Letty is thinking about, but I’m definitely not」

See, she already knows.
Theo smiles wryly. Poor Bell…… it seems he didn’t understand the meaning behind those words.

「Ne, Giselle-chan, did you perform some magic during the practical exam? Were the contents of the interview different?」
「The Practical exam was the same, I think. I have used magic to summon the wind. It seems the interview was different. I have heard other girls inquiring about it from others」
「What were the contents of yours?」
「Mine was concerning the circulation of finances in the country」

Buho. You were asked about that!? Eeh, you talked about something like that!?

「I was asked about judicial affairs」

Bu. The hell is that Bell~!!
Then, I looked at Theo. Theo, just what did you!?

「It was about the affair and relations with foreign countries」
「What is that. I would not be able to answer that no matter what……」
「I don’t think the subject of the exam was an interview, though?」
「Right. Rather than interview, I believe they were watching our problem-solving ability. It’s just that we had to answer a random question that was thrown at us」
「Normally, you would start panicking when you have to answer a difficult question in a hurry, I think they were looking at that」

Hee~ You could certainly say that.
I see, it was thought through.

「What was your question, Letty?」
「Right, it’s not fair if only we talk」
「Ah, I…… mine had the feeling of talking about myself」
「…… You have not done it, have you?」

Ah, Theo’s voice is cold. So cold!
I don’t think that I have done it, I think it’s okay. The interview!
Although I think, I might have done it slightly in the practical exam. I will tell him later.
He will surely smile with an unreasonably beautiful smile. Haa, so scary.


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