Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 18

Secret Talk


We chatted at Giselle-chan’s House, and Bell has left.
We are staying overnight. Giselle-chan’s Okaasama and Otousama went out, so we have a dinner with just us three.
How carefree~
So, I’m staying in Giselle-chan’s room! Theo is in another room.
In other words, this is chitchat time of just the two of us! Girls only, girls only!
Theo told me not to go spurting out something weird, but Giselle-chan smiled and said that she already knows me.
That’s why, I don’t really know the borderline! I don’t have any idea where the normal things end and weird things start anymore.

「By the way Letty, you have sent me and Bell a gaze during the daytime, didn’t you?」
「Un, Giselle-chan noticed, as expected」
「Well…… he suddenly comes over uninvited while grinning. Or…… he invites me to go out playing with him without minding my schedule」

Oi, Bell…… Y, you have to contact her first.
Too much of abruptness is no good. Moreover, it’s so easy to imagine!

「I also have practices so…… that’s enough about me. More importantly, Letty」
「How about Letty and Theo?」
「Aren’t you always together? Although I know that Letty likes Theo very much」
「Un, I like him, but. That is not love or someting」

When I say so, Giselle-chan starts clapping.
Rather than romantic love, he’s family. A family love. He’s not my little brother, but the nearest existence to that.

「I mean, we are always together, after all~!」
「B, but what does Theo think about that!?」
「Theo…… I certainly do not know how Theo thinks」

I believe he likes me.
But, it’s somewhat, I feel like he thinks of me as taking a care of a small rare animal.
No, it’s perfectly fine. It’s perfectly fine!!

「Eh~…… I think you two suit each other, though」
「If you say that, I can also say the same about Giselle-chan and Bell~!」
「I will be troubled if Bell doesn’t calm down a little」

Oya, oya?
Giselle-chan, you are always cold to him, but you are not dissatisfied? I feel something weird going on.
Childhood friends stick together!
Congratulations from me~!

「Ufufu, Giselle-chan~ Do you actually like Bell~? You like him, right~?」
「Wha, t, that is not true!」
「Hohou? Really? Then, what are you going to do when Bell brings his girlfriend along?」
「T, that’s, as his childhood friend I will judge if they are a good match, that」
「Saying such things! The only ones who can match Bell’s House’s position is me and Giselle-chan」
「T, that’s true, but……」

The House’s status is fairly significant. In the case of a great love, the social status can be put aside. Bulldoze it, push through. However, that’s only the case if the man has the power to do so.
We are from Duke families. Finding a partner that matches us is quite difficult.
There will be no problems if Giselle-chan and Bell get together.
By the way, I could argue, but I will be okay anywhere. Because I have Oniisama!
Oniisama is the heir, after all~

「Giselle-chan. If you are not honest with yourself, someone will steal Bell from you, you know~?」
「…… Today’s Letty is a bully!」

Bafun she throws a pillow to my face.
Afte that, we have started a pillow fight and fell asleep all too soon.
But, un.
I think a little. If I really come to love Theo in a romantic way. Just like when I first met Theo, there is a huge class difference between us.
However, something like that is… right? If it happens, it will happen.
But, what is this? There’s something frustrating deep inside my heart.


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