Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 20

Guardian, Oniisama


Guardian, Oniisama. Scary.
That’s an opinion of both Theo and me.
Oniisama was easy to find among the parents that came as guardians for their children.
He was with His Highness.
I want to go home, I don’t want to go to his side.
Ignoring my feelings, our family’s excellent butler delivered us to Oniisama.
He didn’t entrust us to him, he gave us to his custody.
He skillfully delivered us to Oniisama’s hands.

「Long time no see, how are you?」

Very terrible. I greet His Highness then look Oniisama’s way.

「Oniisama, I have not heard about this」
「It’s natural you haven’t heard since I didn’t tell you. Isn’t it alright, it’s just this fellow」

T, this person…… acting like that towards the prince of our country.
What an incredible spirit…… as expected of Oniisama.

「Theo, I want to go home」
「Me too」

However, it’s not like I can afford to escape.
Being with Oniisama, rather with His Highness, the eyes of the surrounding people are directed at us, and everyone stops to greet His Highness.
Someway or other, I barely managed to reach the auditorium.
We sit on an available seat and listen to the explanation. It was a review of things I have heard before.
First, life aspect.
Living in the school’s dormitory is possible. Of course, commuting from home is also possible.
In the dormitory, two people will be sharing one room. Well, since there are many people from good families, a match can be easily formed.
If not, a match will be made forcefully. While disregarding the social position.
Oniisama is apparently sharing a room with His Highness. No, that was definitely match formed by the school.
And the problem children became friends…… it feels like that.
I would like to be with Giselle-chan if she enters the dormitory~
There were many other things, but that was all for parents.
Then, the school aspect.
It should be okay since we have cleared the minimal knowledge in the test.
After that, you will search for your own aptitude and select a suitable department.
There are many departments, but I should not be worrying about them much for now.
Etiquette, dance. Everything has its own lessons, I see~ Fumufumu.
However, the most interesting thing for me is that the teachers in the school do not discriminate against social status.
Teachers, do not.
But, the students…… are different. It’s everywhere like this, as expected.
My position is elevated. Therefore, I have to be more careful about my conduct.
I’m not the type to think that much!
When I fly into a rage, my hand might fly afterward. Un, let’s pay attention to my conduct.
And then, after the explanation, they took measurements.
Why!? Is what I thought, but it was for the school uniform. Are they not pre-made sized off the shelf? It seems every single one is custom-made.
Girls have skirt type and trousers type. Naturally, I choose the trousers type.
No matter how you think about it, it’s easier to move around in that one!
After the measurements were taken, we have a rest.
Oniisama told he would at least let me drink a tea.

「Would you like a cake too?」
「Oniisama’s gentleness is scary, what happened?」
「Hahaha! She is scared of you」

So noisy, Oniisama wards off His Highness with his hand.
I thought that they had no ulterior motives since they were not reserved for each other.
I would like to be like that with Theo, Giselle-chan and even with Bell.
They will probably stay like that. I think that it’a fortunate thing if you have a person like that.
I think it’s good that Oniisama has a person like that. Though I believe such, that person is the prince, so I’m slightly worried.
Won’t this combination become scary in the future? I can’t help, but to feel like avoiding this combo.
Which reminds me, His Highness is the second prince, so he has an older brother, but I heard he is studying abroad.
Somehow, I feel like that person is also dangerous.
With slightly sour character. A wolf in a sheep’s clothing fooling everyone! That’s what I think, but I also am a little wolf in a sheep’s clothing-chan. Theo said so.
But, I think that this is necessary within the aristocratic society.


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