Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 23



Oniisama and His Highness notice the approaching Giselle-chan.
But, this person doesn’t. She can’t tell right from left.

「Please, excuse me for disturbing your conversation」

Giselle-chan stops at slight distance and bows.
After confirming that Oniisama’s and His Highness’ reactions, she approached closer and introduced herself.
Then, she asked for permission to talk with her friend.
When Oniisama and His Highness nod, Giselle-chan finally turned her gaze towards me.

「It has been a while. May I ask for your time?」
「Yes, of course」

I turned towards Oniisama and others and excused myself.
Yaay, an escape with Giselle-chan!! My happiness lasted only for a little while.

「Wait a moment! Are you not too impolite?」

So persistent!!

「To appear all of sudden and take away imouto-kun…… we were in the middle of a talk?」

Nnnn, we weren’t.
Definitely not with you!!
She approaches Giselle-chan with a displeased expression. Giselle-chan opposes her with a smile.

「I am very sorry, I was not aware. I will be more careful next time」

A polite apology with a smile. She spat, It is good that you understand, she said and turned back towards Oniisama and His Highness.

「Let’s go, Letty」

Giselle-chan says stealthily. She means that there is no need to stay here any longer.
Un, I nod and call Theo.
Theo who was overlooking the situation knew what to do.
Well then, well then, Oniisama. See you again~! I grandiosely wave my hand in my mind.
I don’t pay attention to Oniisama’s and His Highness’ piercing gazes. Are you running away by yourself? They are such gazes.
And then, after leaving from the noisy place, their figures disappeared from sight.

「Giselle-chan thank you. You have saved me!」
「You seemed very troubled. That person is not a good story」
「Are, you know her?」

Yes, Giselle-chan replies.
Julia Bale. That is her name. She is from a Baron House, and there are a lot of bad rumors regarding their House recently.

「Those two will surely deal with her well」
「Right. Theo, you have endured it well」
「I have determined that it would become even more complicated if I came in there」

As expected, people like that do exist, Theo mutters.
Ah, his attendant mode has been released.

「Then Letty, Theo-kun, let’s go」
「Where to?」
「Recently popular store! You have to line-up, so I made Bel go」

As expected of Giselle-chan. If she brought the troublesome Bel with her it would become even more complicated.
Realizing that it would get even more troublesome, Giselle-chan left that idiot Bel behind. As expected of Giselle-chan.

「Bel, he must be quite irritated by now」
「Right, let’s hurry up then」

Fortunately, the store was close by. Giselle-chan’s steward already notified our House that she is going to pick me up.
It was decided that we will be together right from the beginning.
But, I want to chat a lot, so it’s wonderful. Because I’m happy about such invitation!

「Ah, but introduce me to your Oniisama properly this time, okay? I have not greeted him properly」
「Introduce to Oniisama…… Uuu…… is that a good idea?」

How will Giselle-chan respond to the wolf in the sheep’s clothing Oniisama?
I imagine it. Ah, there seems to be no problem. It’s alright then, I came to a conclusion.

「I will speak to Oniisama next time」

Well, they will certainly meet when we enter the school.
If Giselle-chan is happy, I am happy too!


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