Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 25



For now, I can only anticipate the school life. What do we want to do?
Our conversation becomes lively.
Not only about that but also information gathering.
Theo and I live in the territory, so there’s a lot we don’t know about the capital. Giselle-chan and Bel know.
Because I won’t remember even if told, let’s leave it to Theo~! Theo understands my feelings.
Ha~, sweets and tea are delicious.
Delicious, but not as delicious as Japan’s. I look for them, but didn’t find anything yet.
I miss the Anko’s deliciousness~ I wonder of Warabimochi could be made~

「Are, I feel like it can be made……」
「Eh? Sweets!」

Apparently, I’m drooling. Which reminds me, I occasionally made Warabimochi in my previous life.
Are, was it water, potato starch, and sugar…… I think? There is something resembling a potato starch.
Ooooh, let’s try it next time.
Let’s experiment!!
Putting the Warabimochi plan aside. I also chattered with everyone after that.
And after saying see you~ we returned home.
On the way back, Theo told me let’s not get entangled with strange people, and I nodded.
Do you really understand? Such expression floated on his face.
I understand!
The distance from the shop to our house is not that far, so we walk by ourselves.
It seems we are holding hands so that I don’t run off by myself after finding something weird.
Because something like that has happened in the territory, let’s not do the same in the capital. Theo said.
I won’t run off even if you don’t hold my hand~ He didn’t believe me when I said that.
Behaving daily is important!
Then, when we returned home~! Oniisama~!!

「You are late」
「I was having tea with Giselle-chan and Bel!」
「Ah…… I see. By the way, this is for youz」
「Eeh~ what is it~?」

There is a letter in Oniisama’s hand.
Tsk, Oniisama gave me the letter while clicking his tongue. He’s clicking his tongue, but Theo is here you know, Oniisama.

「It’s an invitation」

I look at the seal while asking. Nnnn, isn’t this from a Royal family~!

「It’s from Alex」
「Umm, declining is?」
「It’s a formal one. You can decline it, but」

I can decline it, but what! Oniisama doesn’t look like I should decline this.
I have to go even if I don’t want to, yes.

「Umm, what should I do about a reply? I do not know about things like this」
「Ah~…… just getting at the designated place and time stated in the letter is enough」
「I understand. Check on me please when it is time to leave」

After receiving a delayed monotone answer, I went to my room.
I was not aware of Oniisama saying . Therefore, you will have it hard too to Theo.


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