Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 27

Q&A with Oniisama


Oniisama was waiting for me when I returned from the castle.
And with a wonderful smile at that.

「How was the date?」
「It was not a date」
「It was a date, right?」

After this had continued for a while, Oniisama haa sighed so much I wanted to tell him that a son of a noble shouldn’t make such noise.

「That fellow is also an oddball. Maa, even the frivolous you must have understood that」
「I do not want to understand」

What do you want to do? Oniisama asks.
I blinked at his somewhat serious expression.

「I understand my social position, so I am prepared to marry for as a noble! But if possible, I would like to marry a person I truly love」
「Hee~ Is that person you love Theodore?」
「Eh? Why did Theo’s name come out?」
「Iya, somehow」

Theo is.
Childhood friend? Or the like?
It’s natural for us to be always together. Uun, would I be able to support Theo when he finds a person he likes properly?
There is no jealousy. Is what I think, but only barely.

「…… Ah, un. I understand well so you can stop now, Letty」

Un, un, looking at the groaning me, Oniisama cut off the conversation with a wry smile.
What do you mean by saying you understand?

「Then, what about Alex? Are you going to fall in love with him?」
「I do not know the schedule of my future. But, I do not particularly dislike him at the moment」
「I see…… I don’t know how serious Alex is, after all」

If Oniisama doesn’t understand him, how would I? I refuse being played around with, but it doesn’t feel like that.
However, at the moment, no.

「We have become friends or something like that」
「The common ground would be there, huh. I see, I see, f~un」

F~un what!
Oniisama grins while saying, you sure are popular.
Oniisama is one to talk~ I tell him, but I was shut out with That’s none of your business.
What, is that, attitude.
That’s the sign of having a girlfriend or a secret crush!

「Oniisama, Oniisama. Please, tell me if there is something I can help you with!!」
「…… There is, there is, there is a lot, Letty」
「Ah, I am sorry, I won’t be able to help you, after all」

Grinning from ear to ear with a creepy smile.
I feel like I have dug up my own grave.


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