Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 28

Helping Oniisama


Helping! Oniisama! With!
Ah, naturally, I have gotten Theo involved.
Although he said it’s good, it’s okay his face looked troubled. Theo can’t hide his facial expressions from me.
So, the helping.
That is to go out for a bit, look at the situation, return, and report.
We are heading towards one of the noble-san’s houses. Well, we are just passing by the house, but if there were a girl of approximately same age as Oniisama, I would like to see her.
I felt the signs of love there.
No way, Oniisama…… you can’t go yourself, so you are making me go? Are you a loser? Are you a loser?
Because it was apparent what I was thinking Oniisama told me that it’s different ahead.
That noble-san’s residence is at the edge of the capital.
Oniisama says he can’t go because he would be recognized. I look slightly similar, but I should have no problems in village girl’s clothes.
Theo also looks like a neighborhood boy, but somehow.
His elegance is inevitably overflowing…… it’s inevitable, so I decided to leave it aside.

「Theo, how is it?」
「Nobody is here, I think…… It’s quite a big mansion, though」
「I know, right?」

Yes, the mansion is huge. We took a walk around, it was a long distance.
The garden is large too.
But, it’s not maintained, and there’s no presence of people.
I wonder if anyone is inside…… I won’t know, without looking, though.

「Shall we enter?」
「Letty, you can’t possibly」
「Right, right. Theo can do it, right?」

We would fly inside. Then, use another magic.

「I can, but…… wouldn’t it be better to stop?」

Why~ when I ask.
Because I don’t know the reason Tristan-sama wanted us to take a look, Theo said.
Well, isn’t it fine if it’s a love affair…… Theo says that I should forget it and give up on the garden.
Seriously, Theo doesn’t permit. I will not give up until I am caught!
But well, there are no signs of a love affair.
The atmosphere around this mansion feels weird, Theo says.
Me too. I feel the same.
Getting into danger is out of a question, therefore, Theo and I return home.
I had a lot of fun on the way home, though!
So, when I told Oniisama that there was no presence and that the atmosphere was weird, he said just I see.
Oniisama who heard that quickly left the house and returned to the dormitory.
What is going on~ Theo and I exchange glances, we have no idea what Oniisama did after that.
From the rumors I heard about His Highness, he caught a vile noble, eliminated him, and helped a family that had no choice but do something unavoidable.
Hearing that, Theo wondered if it’s somehow related to that mansion, and he thought that maybe Oniisama has something to do with it.
However, thinking that there is no need to get further involved, I didn’t ask anything.
I just believe that not getting involved was the right choice.


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