Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 29

The Door of my Room Which Connects Anywhere


Before it’s full winter!
Theo and I returned to the territory.
Though it would be alright to stay in the capital, I did not clean that room.
Ah, traveling by the carriage again…… I’m fed up with that.
Because I was so fed up, I thought various ways to avoid it.
That was my thought process.

「………… Letty?」
「Please do not speak to me now!」
「Ah, un. Yes……」

I touch the door with my hands and imagine.
If I open this door!
If I open them!!
In the territory!! My!! Room!!
While praying so, I open the door, but the corridor was there. A failure.
If it failed, more strongly.
Thinking so, my room~ my room~ I pray strongly.
This door connects to my room. My room in the mansion of our territory.
A room with a pinkish feeling. To be honest, I’d like calmer color.
Pink is cute, though!!
However, when I open, it doesn’t connect.
Damn it, when I continuously repeated opening the door, Won’t you stop it already? Theo said.

「It’s noisy…… I somehow understand what you are doing though」
「Uu~…… Then, one last try. Ah, hey Theo, let’s do it together」
「Do not worry about that! Imagine my room」

I go towards Theo, grab his hand, and pull him towards the door.
We grasp the doorknob together, and I ask him to imagine my room.
Theo said that it wouldn’t work even if he does that, however.
If one doesn’t work, try with two!
Theo unwillingly goes along with it. While saying it won’t work.
I pray silently, imagining my room. There’s was a slight feeling.
Theo seemingly felt it too as he looked at me.
I look at Theo, and we timidly open the door.
And then, beyond the door――was not the corridor of this mansion in Royal capital.

「M, my room…… has appeared……」
「It has appeared……」
「The door of my room which connects anywhere~!」
「Eh, no Letty, this, this is really an amazing thing, though」

What is going on? Theo asks.
First of all, I decided not to close this door. It can’t be helped!
If we close it, all will come to nothing, and we might not be able to repeat it!

「…… In this room, there is only this door, Letty」
「…… Ah」
「Ah, mou…… wait a moment」

Theo tries to release the doorknob. When he does, the beyond flickers.
This couldn’t be breaking, could it!? Thinking so, I grasp Theo’s hand and put it back as it was.

「Theo, if you let go…… this will surely disappear」
「But, staying like this……」

Certainly! That’s is true, however!
While we two are stuck, thinking what to do, I saw the gardener-san from the window.
Therefore, I shouted while facing the window and informed him of our situation.
Gardener-san didn’t understand well, but he thought it was a pretty serious matter and immediately notified the butlers.
Because it ended with, How is it possible for magic to connect different places!
They went to call Otousama.


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