Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru – Chapter 32

To the Capital Once Again


The time flies. Just a little, though.
It has been decided that Theo and I will leave the territory in order to commute to school.
Our territory is the place I love. The place where I grew up.
Although I will spend time at school for a while, I think that I will return here in the end.
I also want to come back during the long holidays! But, I have a feeling that I won’t be able to!
Therefore, in the clattering carriage…… being shaken…… painful.

「My butt hurts」
「Letty…… I don’t think girls should say something like my butt hurts……」
「Eeh~! I mean, only Theo is here」
「…… I believe that Letty is a little too informal to me. I’m a man too」

It’s too late for being shy around Theo!

「When I am with Theo I feel at ease. Since there is only the two of us here, we do not have to keep anything secret?」
「I think that is a trust, though」
「It is slightly different from trust」

Then, what is it? Theo asks.
Saying it again is embarrassing, you know?
Once in a while, yes.
I think it may be alright to say it once in a while.

「Of course I trust you, but above all, Theo is…… my family」
「Right. Family. A person I like very much!」
「I see, I also like Letty very much」

Being told by Theo that he likes me, makes me happy. I spontaneously start smiling, my smile becomes bigger than before.
Theo begins to laugh at the lax me.

「Fufu, this is somehow embarrassing. Best regards from now on too, Theo」
「What is it, all of sudden? So formal?」
「For some reason or another. I mean, when we go to the school, I will absolutely do something again……」
「Ah, un…… right. The various problems have already piled up」

Eeh~! When I cry out, Theo says it’s okay.

「It’s okay because I’m here. If you decide to do something bad, I will stop you, and help you in various ways」

That is very reassuring.
Because Theo is here, I can do as I please.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience I make, but Theo is my ally who will forgive me.
Just my ally.
Ara, isn’t this manner of speaking somewhat sugoi? Just my, for example.
Doesn’t it sound like I don’t want to hand him to anyone?
Haaaaaa!! This is something I must definitely not say in public!!
If I’m not careful…… saying something like Theo is mine! in the school would be dangerous.
No matter how I think about it, it’s bad.

「I will be careful」
「? About what?」
「…… I must be careful in front of people not to say things like, I like Theo very much or my Theo」
「………… I don’t really mind, though」
「It’s true anyway. In the school, I’m Letty’s attendant. Therefore, putting liking me aside, saying ‘my’ might be much better」

That way, it would be easier to understand that I’m needed by Letty, Theo says.
I have already prepared receive envy from others, but it would be nice if something like that wouldn’t happen, though. Theo says.

「It is necessary in order to establish Theo’s position, isn’t it?」
「That’s right. Un, I will also most likely ask Giselle-san and Bel」

We talked about this a little when we went out for a tea with Giselle-chan and Bel after the explanation.
Social position, huh…… All is fine as long as we can get along, is what I think, but it doesn’t work like that in the world of aristocrats.
Most people know their place so I don’t think I will make a mistake, but there are also noisy people who will barge into our privacy.
I think that it would be nice if they didn’t appear in a place like a school, though.
Ah, but a hedge between keeps friendship green. I understand that I must protect it.

「I understand. I also would not like Theo getting bullied」
「Bullied…… Somehow, concerned Letty is incredibly, curious……」
「Also that, eeh~! Let’s decrease it, okay?」
「That too」
「But, it leaves my mouth on its own」
「Un…… I know, but. Let’s try a bit harder to persevere?」

Yes, I reply.
Indeed, even I think that it’s a bit too much.
Anyhow, we are approaching the capital.
The transformation of the environment and the start of a new one is a bit exciting!


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